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Ding-dong! That's Roger ringing Lisa and Heather's doorbell at 8 o'clock Monday morning. He needs Lisa to call the old dinosaur of a broker and get a tip. Lisa's like, why? Why should I and why would he? And isn't that illegal? Yes, it is. Lisa and Heather look at each other and shrug. Roger says, "Craig thinks I have a knack with stocks," and Heather says, "Kind of like an idiot savant." Zing! Roger is a big chicken and can't stand up to his boss. Lisa says, "Try. The. Truth." Go Lisa! Roger says, "You're right, I'm simply a nincompoop who got lucky," and Heather, on a roll, says, "Uncle Roger, you're not SIMPLY a nincompoop." IT takes Roger a minute to get it but -- zing!

Roger is facing Craig in the office: "You were right the first time. I'm a coward and a fool." Craig crows, "I knew it!" about four times and then dances out, leaving Roger hanging his head, humiliated. Then Craig comes back in. He doesn't BELIEVE Roger, and wants his tip. This part is so boring I start cleaning the dust bunnies out from under my bed. Anyway, Craig threatens Roger's job at Grand Empire, and Roger, as a "tip," recommends investing in Grand Empire. That's what the "model" says.

Over at the Gilded Gym, A.G. is lifting the silver cover off his "glop du jour." Dr. M. comes in and says that there are missiles in a factory and they have to go find them. A.G. says, "Can we ask for the neighborhood missile dealers?" How about the Friendly Neighborhood Gangstas? No, they're just going to canvass the neighborhood and hope somebody saw something.

Cut to a montage of lackeys knock-knocking and asking questions of people in Jimmy's neighborhood as Dr. M. and A.G. hang in the limo. Baldy comes up and says that, even with forty men on the case, they're "coming up negative." A.G suggests they ask Jimmy. Dr. M. says, "Why stir him up? He's just a person." A.G. says, "Yeah, like me." He's slow like you, that is!

Knock knock. Jimmy opens his door with the chain on and looks out at A.G., asking, "What are you doing here?" A.G. says he needs his help. Jimmy slams the door and gets all mad, saying there ARE no superheroes, and he didn't see any of this, right? RIGHT! A.G. slams his fists through Jimmy's front door and Jimmy gets all happy again.

A.G. and Jimmy are cruising down the street. Jimmy has his cape on again. A.G. is cape-less. Jimmy's super-happy, saying, "I knew it! You're gonna fix my front door before my mom comes home, right?" Right. A lady wolf-whistles at A.G. (do we HAVE to be reminded of how attractive A.G. is all the time?) and says, "Hey Jimmy, who's your friend? I got some Wonder Woman for him!" Go, horny lady! Jimmy asks A.G. if he has a girlfriend and A.G. says he used to but doesn't see her much anymore. Oh, this old song again?

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