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Disco Inferno

Back downstairs, Lisa, handing over her keys to Roger, says, "This is my car. This is my daughter. What else can I say?" How about, this is my car ON my daughter. Any questions? Roger starts babbling about a secret spot he has, perfect for driving practice, and Heather grimaces her way out the door.

Cut to the Gilded Gym, where A.G. is lying flat on his back and Dr. M. waves a hand in front of his face. A.G. is listening to something only he can hear. Dr. M. offers to take him to the operating room to get the uber-hearing aid taken out, but A.G. wants to talk about spontaneous human combustion. There have been two more cases in the past week; he's heard this in his head, on Yak Radio, and then he mimics the little blurb the fictitious Yak Radio has. Dr. M. is stone-faced as he says spontaneous human combustion is an urban myth. "Do you know what the word 'myth' means?" A.G. says, "Yeah. I myth my wife, I myth my daughter." Insert rimshot here. It seems that working in IN-surance (with the Southern pronunciation) has left A.G. with a heightened sense of curiosity, because he hated paying out on accidents he couldn't explain. Hmm, do you think Mulder has an IN-surance background? A.G. reminds/guilt-trips Dr. M. about his friend in the Department of Justice and they go look at another crime scene.

Heather and Roger are in a cemetery. I guess Roger has never heard of a PARKING LOT, but whatever, he says he's taken his daughter here to practice driving, so it's some kind of sick, macabre tradition. Heather is understandably creeped out, but goes along with it.

In the car with the invisible driver, Dr. M. is pouting and A.G. is bouncing around, thrilled to bits because they're headed to another crime scene. Dr. M. is like, "You got your way," and grumps out. The latest burned-to-bits guy is named Reynolds. He had a fight with his mother and then combusted. Hey, who doesn't?

Back in the cemetery, we hear some plinky-plunky toy piano music and a guy singing, "I am driving in my car," as Heather totally Dukes of Hazzards her way around. Go stunt driver! Heather yells "This place ROCKS!!" as Roger clutches the dashboard, looking pale. Heather, YOU rock!

Standing over a bed containing the charred remains of a person, A.G. quips, "I used to be able to do that. What I was young." What? Turn into ash? Dr. M. pooh-poohs some more about how this is all baloney, until they hear someone downstairs. It's a lady! The one from the teaser yelling at her lover, before he went poof! She's got a great purse, and looks all modern Mata Hari in her hooded sweater. She says she's already confessed.

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