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Disco Inferno

Commercial. Nice way to break the scene, not. The Sopranos is on HBO.

Back in the hallway, to the exact same scene before the commercials, Dr. M. parrots, "Confessed? Can we do this in the bedroom?" Sure baby! Let's do it in the bedroom, wink wink! Just kidding.

All three of them are in the bedroom and the lady gets all weird. Finally she says she was going out to "worship" and that's why she had an argument with the guy who burned up. Ooh, I hope its Satan she's worshipping! That would be cool! She says she "was the cause" of the guy's death. A.G., all snotty, is like, "For those of us who are just joining the program, which is obviously already in progress, would you mind filling us in on what's already happened?" Oy. The lady goes off on a very X-Files-y monologue, saying, "I liked being there -- at The Elevations...the First Church of Elevations. Reverend Kelso makes you feel...warm." Ding ding ding! Then she goes on about The Master, who I hope is Satan, and quotes some Elevations scripture: "The Master is everywhere. He who seeks to thwart the Master and the spreading of Elevations, the greater the heat will become. So saith the Master, so saith the word." I saith, this sucks. Under this little speech is the really scary violin music that sounds like bees swarming. The music is scary -- but the scene is not. Not a bit.

As they head out to the street, Dr. M. gets on his cell phone and says, "We'll be at the operation room in a minute." A.G. is like, no way! We have to go to the Church of Elevations! They have a silly argument that results in them getting in the car to head to the operating room.

In the car, Dr. M. rattles his newspaper and A.G. goads him into checking out the church. He calls it "the escalator place," and Dr. M. corrects him. After Dr. M. pooh-poohs the idea of spontaneous combustion (which, though I refuse to research it just because I'm writing this recap, I thought DOES exist), the A.G. says that Dr. M. is "stumped, stumped, stumped," while Dr. M. insists "am not, am not, am not!" GROW UP TO THE THIRD POWER, I scream! Finally Dr. M. gets so riled that he commands the driver to "take us to the First Church of Elevations!" Oh yeah, like the DRIVER knows where it is. Maybe he has MapFinder in the car.

At the homestead, Lisa is calling hospitals looking for Heather and Roger. It seems they've been gone a while. She's worried.

The car pulls up to a building that reads "First Church of Elevations," and Dr. M. and A.G. go inside. Thanks for not having anyone utter a line like, "This must be it!"

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