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Disco Inferno

In the mini-mart, Dr. M. cruises over to the microwave (ding ding ding!). The camera zooms up to it, the Dr. M.'s face, then the microwave again, then the Hallelujah chorus starts up and Dr. M. smiles.

Back in the car, Dr. M. offers A.G. a cheeseburger to be eaten in "a scientific experiment." The microwave made it hot from the inside out. Microwaves do that. As he eats the burger, A.G.'s face goes into the ecstatic contortions only a very bad actor can make, and Dr. M. claps his hands together and congratulates himself all over the place for figuring out the mystery of the spontaneous combustion. I think I've seen episodes of Scooby-Doo more gripping than this. Where's Velma and Daphne? Hey, if you guys hurry, you can still make the gig!

Back in the office we saw in the first scene, Vanessa is now sitting behind the desk. Reverend Kelso comes in (can I just say that Hollywood had better stop casting Arabic people as villains all the time? Its getting very, VERY old), and we get a series of flashbacks about Mr. Delongpre's death. Then Vanessa says she doesn't know if she believes in the church any more; and isn't Reverend Kelso the guy from the Soviet Union who invented the microwave gun? Then Dr. M. comes in, still high on himself for figuring this out, and then uh oh! Vanessa and Dr. M. get all hot and bothered, but not in a good way! The fish tank starts bubbling! Dr. M. groans, "Oh my," sounding just like George Takei! The Rev high-tails it out of there, leaving Dr. M. and Vanessa to roast. We hear them scream, "Please, I beg of you!" As the Rev twirls his non-existent mustache, thinking he's about to escape, BAM! A.G. is outside and throws him through the door. As the Rev lands, rubbing his head, we get a shot of Vanessa's legs (with the skirt hiked up to her hips again). She and Dr. M. were FAKING being hot. They repeat their lines ("No, please, help") all deadpan and Dr. M. takes out the dry ice he put in the fish tank. Note: No fish were actually harmed during the filming of Now and Again.

Back at home, Heather and Lisa come through their front door. "Your car kicks ass, Uncle Roger." He rushes to the window and looks out with a horrified face as the plinky-plonky piano music starts up again. I wish I were making this up, but I'm not.

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