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Okay, one more time: A man falls under a subway train and dies, but not really, because his brain is stolen and placed into the body of an Artificial Guy. And, no one, not even his beloved wife Lisa or daughter Heather Matarazzo can know about it. That's the premise of the show, got it? I most certainly have.

"Before" on Now and Again; Lisa tells Artificial Guy to "stay out of my life!" The General wonders why the Doctor would want to sabotage his career by running away with the A.G. when he went all catatonic; Dr. M tells A.G. that until the funding is reinstated for the project, he is "not to leave this townhouse;" Lisa's office cronies say they think the Handsome Arrogant Guy is a good prospect; Lisa says yes, the HAG can call her over the weekend.

It's a Monday morning, and Roger Bender is in the elevator on his way up to begin slaving away for the man. Some elevator-riding dude makes a crack, "good thing the windows don't open on twenty-three. Craig is on a tear and going through the deadwood." Roger looks nervous. Oh, pay no mind to office gossip, Roger.

Roger opens the door to his office and - oh no! - Craig, middle-management geek extraordinare, is sitting behind his desk! This situation looks like it's got potential for some hilarious misunderstanding. Craig asks, "Do you know why I'm here?" Roger thinks he's getting fired and says yes. Craig says, "This isn't easy," and Roger says, "I'm a big boy, I've got a contract and attorneys... just get this over with." Craig comes around the desk and holds out an envelope. Roger takes it, opens it, and reads it with baited breath... it's an invitation to a gala event with "Senator Cragen," whoever that may be. Roger is so flustered that he coughs. Not as hilarious as I had hoped, but a misunderstanding nonetheless. Craig is very sorry he can't go but is happy to send Roger, "an elder statesman," in his place. It seems Senator Cragen is an ally to the insurance industry. How totally boring. Roger says "it would be (his) pleasure." Craig is like, are you sure? "With all this talk of attorneys..." Roger ushers Craig out and lying, says, "I like you Craig, I really like you." I'm happy to say I would lick a frog before I lied to anyone like that.

Cut to Roger, on the phone with his invisible wife. Yes, it's true her voice is by Christine Baranski; it's on the IMDB. Anyway, Roger's wife is refusing to go to the event with him because, a) Senator Cragen is "so crooked he walks sideways," and b) she just had a face peel and can't go out. Oh no! What will Roger do!

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