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Lady In Reeeed!

The magic saxophone carries over to the Gilded Gym, where A.G. is checking himself out in his tux. Dr. M says there's a mirror in the car and "you can continue this love affair with yourself there." Hee hee! A.G., still staring at his reflection, says, "I wonder what Lisa would think." Sigh!

Cut to Lisa, primping in the car. Roger, behind the wheel, is thanking her a lot for coming out with him. "It's no small thing," he says. "I'm happy to help," she says. They're to make an impression on the Senator, and remind him that Grand Empire, the diabolical insurance company, is representing at the party. Lisa, still primping, parrots, "Make an impression, got it." Come on Lisa, the pressure's on!

Dr. M and A.G. are in the limo, headed to the same party Lisa's going to! Oh man! Tonight, A.G. will be posing as William Lerner, dot-com millionaire, just like our own Wing Chun! How meta! A.G. says "have you heard of If you don't give a good enough tip, you get beaten. I just made that up!" Buh-dum-dum. Dr. M glowers until A.G. says he isn't going to use that routine at the party. Dr. M says A.G. is "not to make any impression at the party," just to get in, go to the fifth floor, crack the safe, get the disk, and get out. A.G. says he gets it. Dr. M says, "Damn right." Then A.G. tries again with "," which is met with stony silence from the Doc. Me too, see (stony silence).

Now we get to the "ooh, that was close!" part of the show. Lisa and Roger enter the party. "It Had to be You" is playing. Roger says the party "sounds lively." Oy, what an insulting phrase; once, I thought I wasn't insulting a guy in a ska band by saying their set was "lively," and he saw right through it. Oops.

Then A.G. rolls up, says he's nervous since this is his "first dress-up robbery," and Dr. M says he'll "talk him through it," via earpiece.

Lisa checks her coat and Roger says "Wowsa!" of her red strapless dress. Nice vocab, not. What is this, the thirties? Bathtub gin, anyone?

A.G. checks his coat seconds later.

At the party, Roger checks in as "Roger Bender and Guest." Uh, HER NAME IS LISA. A.G. is right behind them. Roger and Lisa have a glass of champagne and look for the Senator, but they can't pick him out because in tuxedos, "everyone looks like a waiter." I thought tuxedos made people look like penguins. Oh well, same thing, not. Lisa and Roger head into the ballroom to... dance. Made you look!

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