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So, A.G. scales the wall, and then he lands in the room with the safe, which is cleverly hidden behind a painting of George Washington. "Could be worse; could have been Elvis." Or a VELVET Elvis, that would have been GREAT. A.G. takes his teeny tiny flashlight and the combination (very convenient) and goes to work. Rats! The combination doesn't work! Can't he just rip the door off? No, that would trigger the alarm. So, following the Doc's orders, A.G. pulls the SAFE out of the wall, and punches a hole in the back to get the disk. WHATEVER. Then, as A.G. looks out of the window in which he entered, he sees a goon looking at him. "Oh no," he says, "I was hoping not to dirty this tux."

The goon enters the room. He sees no one and leaves. Then, from behind the painting of George Washington, out pops A.G.! He had wedged himself into the hole where the safe usually is. What an unobservant goon, no? A.G. high-tails it down the stairs to rendezvous with the General. But wait! There's Lisa and Roger in the ballroom! They still haven't made an impression on the Senator yet. They chase after him, and does this sound like an episode of Scooby Doo to you, too? Just checking. A.G. gets the General's attention and offers up the disk. "Not here...not now! I can't afford to have anyone see you make the exchange. Wait one song and meet me downstairs." NOW A.G. gets a bad feeling about all this. A.G stands, there as "It Had To Be You" starts up AGAIN, and the blonde lady, the Senator, and Lisa all walk right by him in the same instant. Lisa does a double take and gives A.G. a piece of her mind. A.G. asks her to dance and she runs away. Then, as Roger tries desperately to impress the Senator, goons arrive and whisper in the Senator's ear. Lisa comes up and tells Roger she wants to leave -- now. The goons whisper and the Senator lets words escape from his lips at intervals, like "fifth floor!", and "my study," and finally, "the disk! Will you excuse me!" He splits.

The song ends. A.G. tries to get to the General, waiting by the coat check, but with goons and Lisa everywhere, it's hard to make a move. So, being an artificial guy, he leaps over the railing and falls a few floors to arrive right in front of the General. The General thought that was a neat trick, didn't you? Then Lisa and Roger push by to get their coats, just in time to see A.G. and the General make the exchange. But wait! What's this? The Senator! "Stop! There are top secret documents on that disk! If you give it to him you'll be an accomplice in treason!" A.G. is having doubts now. The General nags him to do it: "I can't believe you don't trust me! I'm your friend; that man is a politician!" Roger says, you got my vote sir! As he and Lisa squeeze by with their coats. Oh no! The General has grabbed Lisa and is POINTING a GUN at her! She screams and A.G. looks sick. A whole "give me the disk/don't hurt her" thing happens, and why is A.G. just standing there? Do something! Finally he gets the General to point the gun at him and tosses the disk to the Senator. The General than shoots A.G. at close range about eight times! Lisa screams again and runs off to Roger. A.G., with his last ounce of strength, throttles the General until he says he can't breathe. Them A.G. says, "That's okay, I think I'm bleeding to death," and the both slowly collapse. Fade to black.

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