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Film At Eleven

ANOTHER movie about Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings? One was more than enough.

Cut to Lisa, lying on her bed at home. Bling-blong! That's the doorbell. It's a deliveryman, with a dozen white roses. Who from? A "secret admirer." Lisa slams the door in his face. Bling-blong bling-blong! Lisa gets the door again. The delivery man says, "Lady, I'm not allowed to take these back!" She snaps, "Give them to me," slams the door shut on him, takes the roses to the kitchen trash and tosses them in. She then does a strange jerky-head victory smirk. She thinks she's dissing the HAG, but she's wrong! Oh yes she is!

Back at the gilded gym, A.G. is getting yelled at by Dr. M. He is mad at A.G. for many reasons -- for running off and making him wait, for sending flowers to his wife, and for the whole busting-down-the-safe-door thing. A.G., all third-person, says, "What a radical idea, sending flowers to his wife on Valentine's Day. What'll he do next, send her a card?" Dr. M. is all, "Do you know what POTUS said?" No. Anyone care? Not really. I'll tell you, though: The program that funds the A.G. project is going to be under review by a top-secret branch of the Pentagon. The review will be "critical" -- so critical, in fact, that Dr. M. has to enunciate very carefully: "Cri-Ti-Cal!" A.G. busts on him for saying "critical" like that; now I don't have to. Dr. M. worries some more, saying, like a total girl, "I don't think the Pentagon will look kindly on this. I just don't!" A.G. says, "I saved that man's life! You are cold." Um, sorry, but the cops arrived just as A.G. got the safe door open -- how is that "saving"? "Helping," maybe. Dr. M.'s cell phone rings. "Yes! No. No, you know we don't have phones here. Well, bring one over." Hooray! TV!

At the real estate office, HAG is parked at Lisa's desk. Lisa isn't happy to see him. She lets him hang at her desk reading the Times as she gossips with her office cronies about him. He's a "qualified buyer," and looked sad when he arrived at the office that morning to wait for Lisa. Lisa tells them about his clumsy seduction technique, and they still want her to sell him a house. That's the business! So Lisa sucks it up and decides to work with him.

Cut to Lisa's car. She and HAG are going to look at another house. He, all arrogant and handsome, asks, "Aren't you flattered?" Will men never understand that having someone want to bone you is not a cause for celebration? Lisa mentions the white roses and he's all like, white roses? Wha? Who sends white roses? I'm not your secret admirer! Lisa snaps that she loves white roses and her husband always used to...oh.

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