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Film At Eleven

Back at the Gilded Gym, A.G. and Dr. M. are watching TV. But A.G. doesn't look ecstatic as he should, because the news is on and they're showing the security tape of him opening the bank's safe door. The newscaster (I ask again, extras much in this episode?) describes the scenario and says that the police are asking for the public's help. I'm sorry, but can't Julia the bank teller freaking remember what happened? I remember their conversation -- wouldn't she remember what happened right before the robbery? And to whom she was talking? A.G. looks all worried, wrinkling up his stupid head. God, this show is ridiculous.

After the ads, we land back at the Gilded Gym. Dr. M. is throwing another temper tantrum. The good news is that there's no footage of A.G.'s face. The bad news is that every newspaper in America will have the image of him pushing the safe door open. "What can we do?" asks A.G., and Dr. M. gets really mad: "'We'? WE didn't do this. You weren't thinking about ME at all!" A.G. gets hysterical and yells, "Kill me now, then! That would be preferable to this!" Dr. M. is like, "Don't tempt me!" Oy. Then Dr. M. remembers that new news does happen and that this should all blow over eventually, so until they get their funding approved, A.G. is "not to leave this townhouse" and either Dr. M. or someone else will be with A.G. at all times. Kind of like jail -- an incredibly plush, luxurious jail, but still jail. Somewhere, a tiny violin plays. Oh, that was just me rubbing my two fingers together.

Lisa comes in the door and yells, "Heather, I'm home!" Heather's not there! I am pissed. There's a note on the mirror that reads, "Call the bank manager." Lisa doesn't get it and says, "Sorry fella, you're out of luck." She thinks it's HAG again. Then she gets the receipt off the roses in the trash.

On the phone now, Lisa is trying to find out who sold her the flowers. The person paid cash. Would Lisa like to speak to the person who actually sold the flowers? Yeah, put Flower Shop Girl on! She remembers it was a man who said he was Lisa's husband. His name? Redford. What did he look like? Someone named Redford. Oh, A.G. WISHES. Somewhere, Robert Redford is cracking up.

Now Lisa's in bed. The phone rings, she gets it, and the man on the other end asks to speak to Mr. Wiseman. Who is it? What time is it? It's a little after 11 PM. CBS, not everyone is fast asleep by 11 PM! It's the bank manager, calling from his own home to ask about Mr. Wiseman who had made a withdrawal right before the robbery. This is all highly dubious. Anyhow, Lisa says her husband has been dead for a year, the bank manager blurts out that the signatures matched perfectly, then he says he can't believe he said that. Then he promises to make up the difference in the account and hangs up. How totally unlike any bank manager I've ever met in my life.

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