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Film At Eleven

Now, it's morning, and Lisa and HAG are cruising around in her car. She's preoccupied and he notices. She describes the situation and he suggests that if it was Robert Redford who sent her flowers, perhaps it was Paul Newman who withdrew the cash from the bank. Lisa tee-hees, then gets a clue and suspects Mr. Newman, that strange pretty-boy that's always mixed in whatever craziness is going on in her life. There's a funny shot of her hand on her face as she drives, fingers to mouth in a noiseless "gasp!" gesture.

NOW Lisa's hauling the HAG back to the real estate office at the end of the day. She's still distracted and he points it out, again, by offering to buy all five houses they looked at today. She doesn't even hear him say that and instead busts out with a theory that, since the IRS would have her late husband's signature on file, Newman would be able to get it and forge it. And what about the white roses? The HAG suggests that she go confront Newman, and she goes into aww-shucks mode until he reminds her that she told him to blow it out his butt when he hit on her. So, empowered or something, Lisa calls home to tell the non-present Heather to order a pizza because Lisa's got some confrontin' to do! And yes, she'll keep her cell phone on, Daughter-Mother-Heather.

At the Gilded Gym, Dr. M. emerges from the bathroom in a very Hef-y robe and pajamas. A.G. is flopped on the bed, flipping through the latest issue of Seventeen. Just kidding. A.G. asks, "Whatcha readin'?" Dr. M. puts down his hardback book and, like a total smitty, says he isn't there to provide "conversation or companionship." Dr. Dude, go watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and take a lesson from Giles, okay? And may I just say I hate when books are in a scene but the audience doesn't get to see what the title is? Remember in The Sixth Sense when Mrs. Bruce Willis gave her shop-boy a book for a gift and pointed out, "It's a first edition"? I was like, "OF WHAT!?" JUST SOME BOOK? That has no significance! It's stupid. Reading is power!

Then, buzz buzz goes the doorbell. Who could that be? It's Lisa! After A.G. refuses to speak to her (things are crazy right now with the pictures of his back on the front page of the papers and everything), Lisa just LEANS of the buzzer with every ounce of girl power she has. I'm really rooting for her to come in and check out Dr. M. in his sexy robe and have some hilarious Three's Company type of misunderstanding, but no such luck. Instead, Dr. M. tells A.G. to open the door (giving him the code to do so) and tell Lisa to bug off forever. Oh, and if they try to take off? He'll kill them both. We all know Dr. M. is no killer. Giles has a higher body count than Dr. M.. So Dr. M. goes and hides in the closet, all Blue Velvet, to watch them.

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