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Fire And Ice

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Fire And Ice

In the car (Dr. M. and A.G. are always ferried around by an invisible driver; have I pointed this out yet?), some blues riffs play as the two ignore each other. Humph.

Heather arrives home, and her mom is locked in the bathroom. People only do that when they're smoking or reading books and magazines that they aren't supposed to, say Heather. "There are no cigarettes or Playgirls in here," Mom reassures Heather, while putting out the doobie she was sparking. Just kidding! Mom won't come out of that bathroom, so Heather makes a call on the cell phone and tricks her into coming out. Sneaky! Mom was dyeing her hair -- the same color as Heather's! Heather freaks, using the perfect teen logic that "moms aren't supposed to change! You're supposed to stay the same all the time!" Then Mom reveals that she's been missing her husband and that their 18th anniversary is coming up. But it isn't really, because her husband is dead. Then Heather offers to go on that weekend motel tour if her mom will act normal again. No, says Mom, she'll just dye her hair if that's all right. Heather says, "It is if I can dye my hair blue!" She is so cool.

A series of lapse dissolves between the clock, which says it's almost 1 AM, and A.G. running on a treadmill in the weather room. It's freezing again. The buzzer buzzes, A.G. yells, "I heard that!" while Dr. M. runs to the door. He latches onto Dr. Pretty Lady until she breathily asks him, "Is there something I can do for you?" Dr. M. actually says, "Coffee sound like to get perhaps?" She head-tilts and looks bemused and he tries again: "Walk with me, wanted and coffee get it." He then excuses himself, runs to the console, addresses A.G. who says, "Ask something me want to you?" A.G. is missing a verb, but whatever -- zing!

Cut to the street, where Dr. Pretty Lady is pushing the baby and walking with Dr. M. He did it! She's describing her baby's father who, like many men, did not want the responsibility of being a husband and father. A.G. is creepily following them across the street, feeding Dr. M. dialogue like, "Oh," and "I'm sorry." The baby starts crying (the same lusty track that played in the lab) and A.G. sees this as an opportunity to win points with Dr. Pretty Lady. "Say you wanna hold the baby!" Dr. M defers, saying, "it's small, and leaky." Hee hee. While Dr. Pretty Lady is bouncing the totally fake baby in her arms, Dr. M. basically HAS A CONVERSATION with A.G. across the street. She doesn't notice because scientists and moms don't generally notice little details like the guy you're walking with suddenly turning his head and speaking to the freaky-looking white guy across the street. Oh no, not in Now and Again's world. Finally, A.G. convinces Dr. M. to hold the baby, and to SING to it, and Dr. M. does, busting out with an old, old, OLD favorite, "A Bicycle Built for Two." The (now real) baby seems to like it, as does Dr. Pretty Lady, who takes his arm as they put on their Easter bonnets and promenade down the street together.

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