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Fire And Ice

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Fire And Ice

The screen reads "three weeks later." Dr. M. skips in whistling "A Bicycle Built for Two." A.G. slumps in a chair as Dr. M rattles on about the paper containing a silly story about a lady spontaneously combusting (as we saw in the teaser), and then about the date he had with Dr. Pretty Lady. He had fish. Then A.G. says he remembers what it was that gave him the foreboding feeling: His upcoming anniversary. He asks Dr. M. for the date, and Dr. M. is like, "I can't tell you that; you know that." Uh, no, tell me again. "Focus on your work!" yells Dr. M. What is that, I ask? A.G. eats and works out like a supermodel, but does far less work than one. What "work" is he supposed to be doing? "Dead men don't have anniversaries," Dr. M explains. "They don't have wives; they have widows." He leaves, and A.G. says "When you come back, don't be whistling."

Next is a very odd scene in which Lisa/Mom calls up her old college roommate, Claire, and has one of those totally artificial phone conversations, aided by a series of camera dissolves. We learn that Lisa's maiden name is "Schlegermelch." BA HA HA! The music playing is a misty piano solo of "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered." When she learns that Claire is divorced and lives in trailer with fourteen cats (one for every year she's been divorced), she gets off the phone quickly without making plans to see her. Guess her sense of revulsion is more acute than her loneliness.

In the car, A.G. is craning his neck all over Times Square to try to see the date. Dr. M. is not reading a newspaper as usual, so A.G. gets huffy. Then he attacks Dr. M for not being able to talk to his woman and Dr. M. says the words just "trip off his tongue." Whatever.

In the lab, A.G. is riding an artificial bike (built for one) in the pouring artificial rain. I feel bad for the actor, a bit. Then I get over it. Dr. Pretty Lady knocks on the door and Dr. M. excuses himself from A.G.'s turning up the rain to "Monsoon" and whistles the theme to Gilligan's Island. I'm not kidding! In the hall, Dr. Pretty Lady makes a move as if to dump Dr. M. Her husband has cleaned up his act. Dr. M. babbles, "What about the us of two? Move don't," and then runs back to the console begging for A.G.'s help. Oy. A.G. tries to get Dr. M. to give up the day's date and he won't -- or rather he can't. Then Dr. Pretty Lady comes in and offers to end the conversation another time. No no! This is the perfect time since Dr. M. is a boob and can't talk. A.G. feeds him a line like, "I know you have to go back to him today, the 12th." Dr. M. repeats the line and Dr. P.L is like, "It's the 17th." A.G. tricked them into revealing the day's date! What a clever little fucker! Good thing Dr. M. didn't see that one coming! Zing! "He's Kisa's father," says Dr. P.L., "I have to go to him." Then Stevie Wonder starts up again and, with the rain in the earpiece, it sounds like an ersatz Quiet Storm-style radio show with Dr. M. being fed lines like, "For a while, I was the keeper of your heart." Do you think Barry White wears an earpiece and has all of his lines fed to him by some white guy in a tank top? Me neither. Then Dr. M takes the earpiece out, and kisses the pretty lady. I can see her explaining this to her husband: "Oh honey, he was just a geek in the lab! He couldn't even speak properly! We went out for fish once! It was nothing!"

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