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I Am The Greatest

Lisa's first day at work! She's on the fourth desk! That means that all calls and walk-ins are in a specific order and she's fourth. She's to fill in "the exact spelling of her name" to get her business cards. I'd say be creative! Wouldn't you like to be lEEsA? Her new boss has some advice, almost identical to the Tom Petty song: "The hard part is the waiting." You learn something new every time you watch Now and Again! Like Tom Petty is a good writer and the Now and Again writers are not.

Heather arrives home, slamming the door and yelling "Mom! Moom! MOOOOM!" Then she remembers: Lisa-Mom is at work! Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation" starts up and Heather dances around with her teddy bears for a while, tries on some of mom's feathered lingerie, stops at the too-big bra, dances around some more, heads to the kitchen for some Reddi-Whip and chocolate syrup right into her mouth, makes a giant bowl of cereal and goes to watch TV. Oh, Heather, you know how to live! But, on the TV is a press conference for the "Grapple in the Apple" (oh no) featuring Maceo and another boxer named Tyrell. Maceo talks some very weak trash ("I could hit him with Betty White's fists and he'd go down! His sweat smells like formaldehyde!") and inexplicably, Heather pumps her fist and screams "Righteous!" Oh no -- no. Then the phone rings and Heather's all like "Hi mom...I'm doing my homework," and I feel better about Heather again.

We get a black screen with a title on it: "MTJ Training Camp, King Street Gym, Harlem, New York." Maceo is in the ring punching out sparring partners to the tune of Steely Dan. He has tattoos on each shoulder and one one biceps. One guy gets hit twice and goes down. Another guy gets eight punches and goes down. A third guy gets held up on the ropes and I lose count but he goes down too. Finally Maceo yells to the assembled mass of people in the bleachers and his manager (I guess) who's sitting at a table on top of an Oriental rug (which spruces up any gym): "Do I look like I need a blanket and pillow up here? Why are you trying to put my ass to sleep! I need some real sparring partners, not Grumpy, Sneezy and Bashful! This is boxing, not tag!" This is better trash than Maceo was talking at the press conference, but not by much. Finally, A.G. (right next to Dr. M.) raises his hand and Maceo yells, "Bring that boy's ass up here!" and I can't WAIT to see this.

After the commercial (oh the suspense!), A.G. is all Everlast-ed up with the headgear and everything and Maceo's manager is telling him he'll have more sparring partners from Newark in an hour. Dr. M. hollers, "We're here now!" To A.G., he says, "His mouthguard will be covered in DNA. Knock it out of his mouth and you won't have to get hair, blood or..." the bell goes DING so there's no need to say "urine," even though we were all thinking it.

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