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I Am The Greatest

A.G. and Maceo approach each other and stand around. What do you weigh, asks Maceo. One-seventy-five, says A.G. "That's bitch weight," says Maceo. "And didn't I see you in a Banana Republic ad? You look like a Ken doll." Hee hee! Maceo turns away and then A.G. punches him. The crowd goes "Ooohh!" Maceo says, "You wanna play, Ken doll?" and they start sparring. It sounds like this: Punch -- oooh! Punch -- oooh! Finally A.G. knocks Maceo's mouthguard out and Dr. M. grabs it with his latex-gloved hand. Maceo puts his arm around A.G.'s neck and asks, "You like fried perch?" Then he drags him off with Dr. M. holding up a finger, all like, "Hey! He's MINE!"

Then we get a montage, set to a jazz standard, of Lisa looking bored in the office. She's having a bad first day. Then she heads home and Heather joins her lying on the bed (we get a nice overhead shot of the two of them). Lisa says she didn't sell a house because she didn't have her business cards, and can Heather write her a note so that she doesn't have to go in to work tomorrow? Heather laughs and says no. I so hate the mother-daughter role reversal in this show.

In a funky NYC restaurant (with a girl in a zebra-patterned cowboy hat if you weren't sure it was actually funky), A.G. is eating bits of a corn muffin and looking ecstatic. Maceo is all, "Are you sure you know who I am? 'Cause my ass has been kissed so many times I should get a Chap-Stik endorsement." Oh, eew. No, A.G. is cool. "Just like your boxing." Oh, eew! But Michael "Ken" Newman is a "bean-counter's name." Well, insurance salesman via artificial guy, really, but whatever! Maceo reveals that he's not into fighting anymore but "once you've tried on that big canvas ring everything else is just costume jewelry...boxing just fills the void." And the $800 million isn't bad either. The waitress comes and goes without a line save for "Mmm-hmm," and the two resume talking. "Ken" misses his daughter. Maceo is all like, "I feel you," and then starts talking trash about Tyrell again (including "Jell-O-ass") so loudly that people at other tables turn around to look. Then the food arrives (including mashed potatoes and black beans, yummy) and they dive in.

In the limo, Dr. M. is jealous. "You're worried I'm going to leave you for him?" A.G. asks. Zing. He couldn't "eat and run," oh, and he's supposed to do some roadwork with Maceo the day after tomorrow. Dr. M. approves but gets all upset when he hears what A.G. ate. Hush puppies -- oh no! He should see Heather's diet. "I ate what I had to," says A.G., then burps massively. "The things I do for my country. I'm just a cog in the wheel! A government experiment's gotta do what a government experiment's gotta do." The he burps again, stinking up the limo so much Dr. M. waves his hand around in the air.

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