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I Am The Greatest

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I Am The Greatest

Another boring day in the office set to the same jazz standard, with no vocals this time. Lisa is bored and a handsome man in an overcoat and suit comes in and finally lands at her desk. She reminds him of the order (she's fourth) and he insults who's next, goes out and comes in again until they just give him to Lisa.

Lisa and Arrogant Man are driving to look at a house. They should probably pull over and start making out, but they chat. He's an investment banker, and follows his instincts, his instincts told him to work with Lisa. Lisa is flattered, and a little turned on.

In the house, Lisa waits downstairs while Arrogant Man checks out the upstairs. Her legs are looking pretty good and he has no wife, so when he comes downstairs and asks her out she jumps on top of him and starts kissing him. Not really, but she said okay. He's going to call her tomorrow.

Dr. M. is watching A.G. sleep, with a wistful look on his face. Maybe he should start kissing A.G. A. G. wakes up and Dr. M. tells him that Maceo's DNA did check out and now he has to be abducted. The plan is to nab him during their roadwork in Central Park. Dr. M. gives a little speech during which the camera stays on A.G.'s upset-looking face. Can the star of the show get too much screen time? Give us a rest from his face, please. We get the point that A.G. feels conflicted about having to help capture Maceo. It's like a pretty-boy leading another pretty-boy to slaughter. The world can never know about this, says Dr. M. "What if Maceo were in an accident? The knee bone ain't connected to the shinbone. Hell, there's parts of him that aren't even in Gray's Anatomy." Oy, we get it. Then to help Maceo live out the rest of his life in captivity, "some sort of surgical procedure involving the brain" will be performed. "A lobotomy?" asks A.G. Dr. M. repeats, "Some sort of surgical procedure involving the brain," and A.G. looks even more concerned.

In Central Park, a "Toys B Fun" truck is parked. Dr. M. is inside singing: "I've got yoooou...under surveillance, I've got yooou...right where I need you to be." A.G. says, "Can't talk now dad, my friends are here," as two black SUVs roll up, discharging Maceo and his bodyguards. Maceo is talking about Tyrell, and how Maceo will make a "three-egg omelet" out of him and every effort to fight that is "useless, hopeless, pointless." Oh boy. Then Maceo strides over to A.G. and says, "Mornin' Ken!" I'm digging the continuation of the Ken Doll joke. Then Maceo very conveniently decides to jog without bodyguards today ("What, are homeless people going to steal my sneakers or something?") because he has "Ken" there to protect him. Inside the Toys B Fun truck Dr. M. can't believe his luck and tells A.G. to go along with it ("Say 'Yes'"). As they jog off, Maceo yells, "Let's go find that HALLELUJAH they call a runner's high." Hey, at the beginning of this very show the hallelujah was a freaking TV, don't forget that!

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