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I Am The Greatest

With an edgy piano and snappy snare, the two run. For whatever reason, Maceo heads off the path and goes into a woodsy area, leaving A.G. in the dust. "They're headed east!" Yells a truck guy. Run run run, Dr. M. yells in the mouthpiece. A.G. hears it in the earpiece but is trying to keep up with the 8-Track Maceo. Run run run, they're both almost hit by cars ("Watch it!"), then they start rolling down a hill and A.G. sits on top of Maceo and straddles him. Oh my! Maceo proves he's smarter than A.G, by calling him his "Uncle Sammy" and pulling out the earpiece. Then there's some bargaining by Maceo: "We can both get out of here...I've got jets, off-shore accounts...we can pull out that tracking device like a bad tooth!" A.G. looks away and crinkles up his head. Oh my god, does he really have to THINK about this? How badly does he want his OWN freedom -- now he has a chance to set someone ELSE free and he HESITATES?

As helicopters make that chop-chop-chop noise and commandos rush the area, Dr. M. and some more well-dressed government types close in on them. Think, A.G., think!

Maceo continues his speech, still under A.G.: "You got a hole in your soul! You can't hide that emptiness that weighs a ton!" Then Maceo suggests that A.G. has people on the outside to protect and A.G. looks away AGAIN before saying, "They'll kill them..." Sorry, Now and Again totally lacks the teeth to do something like that. And if they lay so much as a FINGER on Heather Matarazzo, their asses are MINE. Hey, did you know our Heather is going to be in Scream 3? Well, she is! Anyway, the helicopters get closer, and A.G. says, "hit me" to Maceo. Maceo does and the screen goes black.

Dr. M. is looking down at the knocked-out A.G. He has a bruised cheek. "No more Banana Republic ads for me!" Ha ha ha.

We get the jazz standard again and some voice-over as Arrogant Man makes plans with Lisa-Mom. "I was thinking Clementines at eight." Cheap bastard. "I'll send the driver." Lisa said she'd rather take the train and catch a cab, which is very smart and independent of her, and so we get s a nice shot of Grand Central Station and her flagging down a cab.

In the cab the radio is playing. It seems the world famous boxer Maceo T. Jones has disappeared, days before his big "Grapple in the Apple" fight. Lisa wonders how such a famous person can just go poof like that, and the cab driver says he doesn't know, lady...and guess what? Just guess! RIGHT! The cab driver is MACEO! What about those jets and off-shore accounts, you big liar? Oy, this show is more gimmicky than a Sharper Image catalogue. Someone please punch the writers so I can get away -- I have a jet waiting.

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