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I've Grown Accustomed To His Face

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I've Grown Accustomed To His Face

Since this is CBS, there a lots of ads for Martial Law and 60 Minutes, but none of that horrible Levi's ad with the invisible hootchie and invisible idiot guy. Something to be thankful for!

The black screen reads "Day One." I don't know why -- maybe because it's the first episode of N&A I've ever seen. Then we see Heather Matarazzo and her boobs bounce down the stairs yelling for her mom, who ignores her until Heather says, "My thirty-five-year-old ex-convict boyfriend is here to take me away, but before we leave for the state line he wants to meet you. Would that be okay?" Then the mom sighs, but still doesn't look up. It seems she's blowing off watching an awards show (what kind of TV mom IS she!) with her daughter (say hello to a future of therapy, Heather) to study for a real estate exam. How lame. Heather, being all meta, remarks that you can't watch an awards show alone because " you need someone to mock the proceedings with!" How right you are! And I shouldn't be alone when I watch N&A! I thought Heather had bad parents in Welcome to the Dollhouse. I really, really hate when kids on TV have to parent their parents. Why can't Heather Matarazzo be on a TV show with parents that CARE about her?

Now it's "Day Two," the TV tells me, and we get more sleepy music (Tchaikovsky?) and see A.G. waking up again -- all alone this time. We also learn the epsiode is called "I've Grown Accustomed to His Face". Whoever wrote the lyrics to My Fair Lady, your check is in the mail. A.G. takes a shower, looks over the pool (!) in his apartment, strolls over to the massive Nautilus, plops himself down and announces to the empty room that he's hungry, bored and tired. He even calls out, "Hey big brotha!" because Dr. M is black. Oh, so hip! Not. So we now know that even though he's artificial, he needs to eat and work out. And whine and complain.

Back to the homestead, where Heather bounces down the stairs sing-songing a virtual laundry list of stuff for her mom to do, only to find a conked-out mom snoozing on the couch. She studied so hard she never went to bed! Heather covers her up with a blankey, kisses her head, and goes off to school. Can I just say again I hate hate HATE it when kids on TV have to parent their parents? Well I do.

In the gilded gym, an alarm is going off. A.G. sticks his head in the pool to make it less loud. It looks like that Huey Lewis video.

At home, Lisa (Mom) wakes up. A voice-over says, "What do you have to be so scared about? It's just a multiple-choice test, and life is a multiple-choice test." And let me, the giant pessimist, point out that life is mostly hard and terrible until we die, so there is PLENTY to be scared of, lady. Take time to watch more award shows with your daughter, is my advice. She lies back down on the couch.

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