Now and Again
I've Grown Accustomed To His Face

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I've Grown Accustomed To His Face

Close-up of a guy on the can. See his legs under the stall? Hear the flush? Charming, no? No. Now he opens the door and creepy guy is right outside. Aaah! He asks about Michael Wiseman, and understands there's been "intermittent contact" between him and the guy on the can. The guy who was on the toilet gets shoved onto the floor. Then another person walks into the bathroom and Creepy Guy makes like he washing his hands. Then, EVEN WITH ANOTHER PERSON THERE, he offers $1 million to meet with Wiseman. Stammering à la Porky Pig, the bathroom says that Michael Wiseman is dead. $1.5 million is the final offer. The other person DOESN'T EVEN BLINK.

On the home front, Lisa looks out of the window to see a car parked outside. That must be unusual, because she wrinkles up her head as she cocks it to one side. The sound of a New York City street bleeds over and....

A.G. is on a pay phone. He remembered how to dial 911! He's reporting a kidnapping, because Dr. Morris, "M-O-R-R-I-S," didn't show up to work this morning. No, he didn't call him at home. Yes, he doesn't know what he's doing. So, all Cindy Brady-like, he says "fergit it," hangs up and groans, because he's frustrated, see! The he dials 411 to get the doctor's home number, and gets six (only six? in New York City?) numbers which the oh-so-nice operator gives him all at once. Information does not give out six numbers at a time, but whatever. Along with a clue, A.G. lacks a pencil, so, after another impressive grunt, he pops into a bodega to get one. Wow, he must have gone to the Actor's Studio of Grunting or something. Maintaining racial stereotypes, the bodega is staffed by an Indian lady. Apparently, A.G. has forgotten about the concept of money, because he tries to "borrow" the pencil, which prompts the lady to repeat twice, "sixty-three cents." A black lady, who must have been doing her week's worth of grocery shopping there, she's so loaded down with stuff, gets in on the act and huffs, "Sixty-three cents! Man!" Because no one should have to spell out or even SAY to some idiot that you cannot BORROW a pencil. Repeating the price three times is plain enough. So, with some nice moody pop in the background (with lyrics like "Hey Ho, your prayers will never be answered again,") A.G. strolls through the park and sees a guy doing acrobatics and passing a hat to a crowd. Then we get a close-up of A.G.'s face going Ah so! and a giant light bulb going off over his mug. He got an idea, hooray! First time today! Next we see two rather fat people siting on a bench, as the camera pulls back to reveal they are being held up over the head of A.G. Next, he uses only one finger to hold them up. Lots of people toss money into his hat -- even a five-dollar bill. What's the fat people's cut, I wonder? Fat doesn't grow on trees, you know. Back to the bodega, where, upon his entrance, the lady starts repeating "sixty-three cents" over and over again as if she has nothing better to do. No pencil for him this time. A.G wants a pen. "You sure? Dollar ninety-eight!" the lady says. Oh yeah, A.G.'s loaded; he rather crassly flicks the stack of bills with his finger and starts counting them out. Then he buys a pad and, "are those peanut butter cups back you got back there?" Yeah, they usually keep the candy BEHIND the counter, with the pencils.

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Now and Again




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