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I've Grown Accustomed To His Face

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I've Grown Accustomed To His Face

After hustling down the walk to the car, Lisa and Roger step all over themselves saying in unison, "He gave me this," as they each whip out Creepy Guy's business card. Heather, in the back, asks where they might be going. "Isn't the point of having a car to MOVE? And if some guy is following us, aren't we making his job a lot easier by sitting in the driveway?" How right you are, Heather. But she gets shushed by the faux grownups, and as they discuss calling the number on Creepy Guy's business card, he pops up and talks to them through the open passenger side window. Guess they didn't see or hear him coming! Mom screams at Heather to get out and go to Gretchen's (whoever she is), and not to leave until she calls there. As she hightails it, Creepy Guy makes a speech. "Who are you protecting? Your government? The organization I work for heard of your husband; why are you keeping this secret?" "What secret?!" Lisa manages, and then Creepy Guy says, all ominous-like, "Do you want to see where your husband has been living for the last ten months?"

Back at the gilded gym, A.G. is climbing up a cable to look in the window. He sees a few more orange-suited goons playing -- no lie -- Go Fish. What idiots. He looks around on the street below (nice Toys B Fun truck, CBS set dressers) and then, a car pulls up. It's Lisa, Roger and Creepy Guy! Lisa starts to laugh and Creepy Guy asks "what is so humorous?" I don't know, why is your ass so tightly clenched? Because Lisa and Roger are being so literal and Scully-esque, they think it's funny that Creepy Guy is so obsessed with the idea that Michael is alive. Lisa says, I know who lives here, and it's a guy called Newman. No, Wiseman, says Creepy Guy. No, Newman says Lisa, then the crazy Seinfeld music starts up and Kramer walks in. Just kidding.

So, A.G. looks at the Toys B Fun truck again, and then I guess hops inside, and I guess the truck is really a production truck that controls and monitors the gilded gym. So he gets to watch the scene where Lisa, Roger, and Creepy Guy walk around as he s-l-o-w-l-y spells it out that Dr Morris made this great artifical body but could not synthysize a brain (hello, computers much?) so he had to make an ethical decision...and

In a panic, A.G. hits the huge switch marked "Sprinkler" and, like kitties, they all start screeching as the sprinklers sprinkle, and Lisa and Roger run out, with only an hour and ten minutes until the goddam real estate test. Creepy Guy offers $3 million ("My final offer!") and Roger perks up until Lisa drags him away. Creepy Guy gets in cab, yelling "78th and Second!"

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Now and Again




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