Now and Again
I've Grown Accustomed To His Face

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I've Grown Accustomed To His Face

Now it's night time. The cab rolls up, Creepy Guy gets out, and A.G. hops off the top (not very gracefully, I might add). Then he unwittingly walks into the swanky building, where the door lady, very helpfully, provides some exposition. "Are you here for the memorial? Would you like to sign the guestbook or did you do it yesterday at the funeral?" A.G. yeah-sures his way through this and heads up to the service, where (surprise!) a lot of people are wearing black and violins are playing. A.G. picks his way across the room and sits next to C.G, who looks like he wishes he had on an orange bubble suit right about now. A.G wants to be taken to Dr. Morris. C. G says okay.

Lisa is huffing and Roger is driving. Lisa, with less than an hour to go before the test, is thinking about bailing. Roger says the funniest line: "I'm not participating in this game that you're playing with yourself!" Someone else please make a joke, I can't right now. "If you want to go hide in the bathroom, go ahead." We've seen that scene, please, not again! "I know scared -- scared is where I live!" Really -- is the rent affordable? "If you want to go home and tell your daughter that you ran away, that would be like failing two tests!" Hello, that makes sense! So Lisa grumps out and harrumphs and pouts some more. Real mature.

Creepy Guy has Dr. Morris tied to a chair, and A.G. runs right over and rips the duct tape off his mouth. Watch the goatee! Ow that smarts. Then C.G. levels a gun on them both and, after asking Dr. M. to "swivel around in his chair," gives them to the count of three to.agree to something, I don't really know what. Dr. Morris is insisting that he did not in fact put a human brain in an artificial body; A.G. is like huh? And so am I -- isn't that the very premise of this show? So one...two...wait, a door opens and a guy in a wheelchair rolls out; it's Lefland of the memorial service! Father, says C.G. Don't shoot, says wheelchair guy. Then we get more exposition, but instead of saying "I" the wheelchair man says "You" as in, "You hear whispers about a doctor that has performed a miracle. You wake up every day racked in you stage your own funeral. And when you're one of the richest men in the world," you expect to be able to buy an artifical body and have your brain placed into it, yeah yeah. But Dr. Morris cannot be bought (oh, the integrity!) and huffs that he's been kidnapped and is going to the authorities. Begone, says the rich wheelchair guy.

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Now and Again




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