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I've Grown Accustomed To His Face

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I've Grown Accustomed To His Face

A.G. and Dr. M. stroll down the hall and A.G. wisely comments on the arrogance of that guy. Yeah, a rich person who thinks he can buy whatever he wants -- what arrogance! That's the world we LIVE in, baby. So Creepy Guy weasels his way down the hall after them and mumbles something about understanding their anger and compensating for that, and then a gunshot-like sound rings out from the room they've just left. Oh no! C.G. flings the door open and cornily exclaims "Father! What have you done?" Sounds like he SHOT HIMSELF, you moron! Then the doctor pithily and rather coldly remarks "It looks like the awful truth is we don't all get off scot-free." Well, I think the real awful truth is that most people do, but clearly not in this case. Time to shake your head, or to cheer that the rich guy offed himself -- whichever.

Back at home, Lisa creeps into Heather's bedroom where a vintage Hole poster hangs on the wall! Oh no, Heather is a Courtney Love fan! Yikes! Wait, I think I may have read that in Seventeen or something. So Lisa kisses Heather and she wakes up, mumbling, "Are you just getting in?" See how the mom/kid roles are so clearly reversed here? Yes, and guess what? MOM TOOK HER TEST! Thank the lord. Heather nots that she thought her mom would have "chickened out." Mom gets all huffy before remarking that Uncle (?) Roger helped her out. Heather makes some comment about how Uncle Roger is a big yutz or something like that, and the music swells: "oooh, child, things are gonna get easier!" Roll credits! Things are gonna get brighter!

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Now and Again




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