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Doctors Playing God and Fishcakes

In the limo, A.G. asks Dr. M. (AGAIN) where they are going. School? A museum? To a medical conference, says Dr. M. Goody. Apparently, every once in a while Dr. M. presents a fake paper with fake documentation that he's trying as hard as he can to synthesize skin and organs and people (like our own A.G.) as a way of lying/throwing people off the scent. A.G. says, "So you pretend you're trying to figure out how to make the tortilla when the truth is you already know how to make the whole enchilada." Holy frijoles! A.G. understood something after it was explained to him once!

Heather slams some cute young thing up against the front door to her house and kisses him fiercely. Wow! Heather's getting some! She leads him inside, saying, "It's okay, my mom doesn't get home until 5:20. Want something to eat?" I'm not touching that. Heather leads her man into a trap -- I mean, into the kitchen, and look out! There's Lisa-Mom, parked at the table. Heather thinks fast and speaks faster, saying, "This is my lab partner. He came over to help me with some bio." Oh, is that what you call it? The boy/toy stands there petrified until Lisa-Mom summons him over. He's got lipgloss smeared all over his face. He mumbles, "Nice to meet you Mrs. Wiseman," and scrams. Lisa-Mom sarcastically says, "I had no idea you were struggling with your bio." Well, he didn't look like he was struggling at all. Heather laughs maniacally. Lisa continues, "I had no idea you were bringing boys home after school." Heather corrects her: It was A boy. And why wasn't the car in the driveway? It was a dirty trick to surprise her like that. Lisa barks, "HA," and then adds that if Heather does it again she'll be "grounded until menopause." Heather sits down at the table with her mom and asks why she's home. "Did you get fired?" Lisa explains the concept of working on commission (which is similar to working on contingency) and that she needs to get a lead, pronto. That means fast. "They can't fire me; they're not paying me." A car horn honks. Heather swears she doesn't know who that is. Don't worry, it's just "Uncle" Roger to get Lisa. She leaves, ordering, "You better be alone with I get back." Heather, now's the time to call that sweet boy toy of yours.

Lisa and Roger are driving, talking about real estate. If most Japanese business is done at parties, I bet most American business is done in cars. Lisa says, "I'm starting to feel like a character out of Glengarry Glen Ross." Ooh, if you mean the movie, don't be Jack Lemmon, although if you were, Ving Rames would have given you his Golden Globe by now, which was nice of him. "I considered reading obituary columns and contacting the surviving family members about the house." Ooh, the real estate equivalent of an ambulance-chaser! Roger, great friend, says, "If all you need is a listing, why not list my house? It will buy you some time. List it for $150,000 more than it's worth. No one even has to know that we're friends!" Lisa thinks it's a great idea and kisses him on the cheek. Roger stammers a bit because, being a giant dork, he flusters easily.

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