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Doctors Playing God and Fishcakes

Cut to a small, dark operating room. The man from the opening scene is strapped to the table, surrounded by nurses and beeping machines. He's awake. His eyes are wide open, but he has tape over his mouth. If this image isn't ominous already, imagine some spooky music. Freddie walks in, wearing scrubs: "I got your page; sorry to have kept you waiting." The scary violins that sound like bees swarming start up. "Welcome to my chop shop! You won't feel a thing. You're going to benefit..." the camera pans over to show about five coolers lined up, all ready to receive organs. "...many people's lives." An oxygen mask slowly descends on the camera's point of view, and we hear some horrible muffled screams from the man as the violins get louder.

Ding-dong! Lisa opens her door to see a nice lady standing outside, with the news that she's found a buyer for Roger's house. "How can we have an offer when we haven't even shown it?" asks Lisa. The lady doesn't know, and oh, the buyer has offered $300,000 above the asking price. Lisa says, "What?"

Dr. M. and A.G. are in the limo. Dr. M. says, "Wipe that smile off your face." A.G. says he finds science conferences "thrilling." At the same time, Dr. M. and I say, "HA!" A.G. is just psyched because he gets to enjoy another rich, sumptuous dinner with Freddie.

Cut to A.G. snoring again, and being woken up by Dr. M., again. "I was resting my eyes," he says. No matter. Time to eat!

In the restaurant, jazz music noodles softly. Dr. M. is speaking: "It's flattering...but I just feel the fruits of my labor should go to everyone, not just those rich enough to enjoy it." Or those in the government that feel they need a super-killing machine. But it's a noble sentiment, even as a half-truth. Freddie rolls his beady eyes and says, "I'm getting cavities just listening to you. Wise up, you're getting older everyday. You should be testing a human prototype by now! Listen to me, I'm greedy and egomaniacal, which is how anything in the country gets done." Just then, whoops! A flambé accident, right on A.G.'s hand. Sizzle sizzle! A.G. just stares at his hand, which is completely in flames and looks grisly. Dr. M. smothers the flames. Freddie says, "Call an ambulance! Look at him -- he's in shock!" A.G. starts moaning unconvincingly to cover the fact that he feels no pain. "Ooh! Ooh!" Hee hee! Freddie says, "Let me see the wound. It looks terrible!" We get a gross shot of a hand with most of the skin burned off. Thanks, CBS! Dr. M. says he's got a car out front and that he'll drive him: "He'll be fine." They scurry out, and as Freddie smiles at them, the scary violins start up. Gee, you don't think Freddie might know more than he lets on, do you? Those violins are really scaring me!

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