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Doctors Playing God and Fishcakes

In the car, Dr. M. says, "Give it to me." He means A.G.'s wounded hand, you perverts. A.G. says it "tingles." He means his HAND. "Look, you can actually see it heal." Hand again. Dr. M. says, "In the morning, there will be no sign of the accident." Hand. A.G. holds his (own) hand and says, "Did you really mean what you said about science being for everyone?" Dr. M. says, "Yes. I hope one day that the pancreas that cost $19 million to synthesize will be cheap enough so every diabetic can afford one. And the $47 million pituitary..." A.G. says, "A pituitary in every pot, huh." Good one! "You think Freddie saw?" Dr. M. says, "A better question is, do you think he knows what he saw." BUM BUM BUUUM!

Roger is behind his desk, twiddling his thumbs. He and Lisa are reading lines of dialogue. "$300,000!" "Yup." "That's almost half a million!" "Yeah." "What do I tell Ruth?" Ruth is Roger's invisible wife, played by the voice of Christine Baranski. It needs to be said. The house has been in her family for generations. "Her grandmother was born in that house!" Lisa reminds him he doesn't have to sell, and that the buyers have admired the house for a long time. Lisa wouldn't mind the commission, but he did it so she could get the listing, not that he would sell. But Roger is psyched. "A half a million clams! You have brought me an offer that she can't refuse!" Hee hee, he said "clams."

Freddie's in the back seat of the cabby's cab. He commands the cabby to roll up to Dr. M. and A.G. They pull out gats and throw down. A drive-by! Kidding. Freddie tells Dr. M. that his car was impounded and he needs Dr. M. to give him $300. Dr. M. says he'll meet him at the impound lot. Then he says to A.G. that "all he saw was red." Uh, don't you mean green, as in money? The he tells A.G. to start his work-out, but after he leaves A.G. chants "back to bed, back to bed," and goes back to bed.

Buzz! A.G. gets out of bed and answers the door. Over the intercom Freddie yells hysterically, "Oh my god! A man out here grabbed his chest and fell down! I think he's having a heart attack!" A.G. says, "Doc," and breaks the security lock on the door. Freddie stabs a syringe in his neck and depresses the plunger. "There's enough sedative in there to stop a rhinoceros." Oh, that should be enough to stop A.G., he's more rhino than human. Duh, he's not Rhino Guy, he's ARTIFICIAL Guy! But oh look, A.G. slumps and Freddie calls out, "Don't bruise him!"

Ding-dong. Lisa-Mom and Heather sleepily go downstairs. Heather grumbles, "What kind of inconsiderate jackass would ring the bell at this hour?" Is it Lenny and Squiggy? No, it's "Uncle" Roger. He needs to use the bathroom, because the ones at the park and the filling station aren't open yet. Oh, and he's done the crossword puzzle in their paper. Lisa and Heather are like, wuh?

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