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Doctors Playing God and Fishcakes

Lisa-Mom and Roger are sitting at the table. Lisa speaks: "Ruth threw you out?" Ruth, extreme shrew, got cheesed that Roger listed and wanted to sell the house that's been in her family for ages without consulting her. That seems reasonable to me, but we're supposed to believe that Ruth is a giant bitch and take Roger's side anyway. Roger says, "I want to live in a hose of my own. For once I'd like to make a decision rather than be informed that one has been made. I'm ready to be the author of my fate instead of a passive participant." Lisa offers coffee, and Roger says, "I dunno. Are you having any?" Oy. Heather comes over and hisses, "He's not moving in, is he? He's not getting my room." Then she leaves, ignoring her mom's puckered-up lips.

Cut to a shirtless A.G. strapped to the operating table in Freddie's chop shop. Freddie is wearing scrubs and is waving his hands over A.G.'s shirtless chest like a magician. Then, examining his hand, he exclaims, "Not a scratch...not a nick. No wonder he doesn't let you out of his sight." Freddie's phone rings. It's Dr. M. "Where were you? I waited for forty-five minutes at the impound lot!" Freddie draws what looks like blood from A.G. and injects him with another syringe as he lies through his teeth to Dr. M. "I owe you a meal, old chum." The violins start up again. Eeek!

Dr. M. inspects the damaged door back at The Gilded Gym. "Do we have audio yet?" Baldy and another lackey play Dr. M. the tape of Freddie bamboozling A.G. Baldy says, "We're ten miles away. Should I call for reinforcements?" Dr. M. looks his steeliest ever as he says, "No. I want to handle this myself."

Roger's sleeping on the couch at Lisa's house. He calls Ruth but doesn't say anything. She reads him the riot act and then star-69s him five times. He hangs up each time. Lisa comes downstairs and says, "How's Ruth?" Roger says he senses she's not ready to talk yet.

A.G. is still strapped to the operating table, still deliciously shirtless. Freddie has a scary-looking drill in his hand and is talking to him, even though A.G. is still knocked out. "I know this is taking forever..." Wow, is that some kind of meta-shout-out to me? The doorbell buzzes (would a secret chop shop have a buzzer?) and Freddie, rat-like, scurries to answer it. It's Dr. M.! Just in the nick of time! Freddie says, "I was expecting have some sort of tracking device in him, I gather." Dr. M. says, "Help him off the operating table NOW." Freddie says, "You know that's not in the cards. First, you are Curie. You are Sachs. You cut him, he heals. He's an organ farm! He just sprouts them, clean, you know what rich men will pay for clean organs?" He looks over at the row of organ coolers and continues, "We fill them once we're rich. We fill them endlessly, and we're gods!" Dr. M. says, "I don't want to hurt you." Freddie says, "You can't afford to hurt me! I know your secret! I know his secret! You don't go into business with me, I go into business with the Chinese. The government doesn't even have to know, Theo!" Dr. M. fixes his gaze on the shirtless A.G. Freddie pathetically says, "You could at least have the courtesy to LOOK at me." Yeah, you could at least look at the person that's extorting you...where's your manners? Look at him! He's a rotten, balding, four-eyed guy half the size of Dr. Morris! Freddie says, "I'm your friend! I'm trying to cut you in! What are you going to do, kill me?" Well, why not? Dr. M. slowly advances towards Freddie and the camera zooms in on the shirtless A.G. Freddie says, "That's better," but then the drill starts up and Freddie says, "Aaugh! Theo! Theo! Aaugh!" Cue the music.

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