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Nothing To Fear, But Nothing To Fear

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Nothing To Fear, But Nothing To Fear

Lisa has arrived at the restaurant, and tells the host she has a reservation for three.

The Doc and A.G. are in the car, and The Doc is on the phone with Truck Guy. Truck Guy informs him that Lomax is putting a bunch of powder in the tank of the truck, and now he's leaving. The Doc tells Truck Guy to stay with Lomax until he and A.G. arrive. The soundtrack sounds like some seriously cheesy Starsky & Hutch style music, featuring Chuck Mangione on flugelhorn. Truck Guy tells The Doc that Lomax is headed for the Tackaponick Watershed, and he can't follow him in the "Toys B Fun" truck without attracting attention. A.G. asks Doc where Lomax is headed. Instead of just saying, "He's going to try to contaminate the water supply," The Doc gets all dramatic and says, "Ubiquity."

Lisa is getting a water refill, and she asks the waiter for the time.

A.G. hops out of the car and takes off through the woods. The Doc just watches him go, because he doesn't have the speed of Michael Jordan like A.G. does.

Lomax attaches a hose to his truck as we pan out to reveal that he is on a dam with a lot of water surrounding it. Lomax pulls the hose to the edge of the dam and then begins to release the valve that will let the powder pour into the water. Suddenly, his truck starts moving. We see that A.G. is pulling it forward, and the hose moves so that it is no longer hanging off the edge. Lomax gets into the truck and A.G. runs to the back and grabs onto the rear bumper. Lomax tries to drive, but the tires just spin and smoke because A.G. is holding the truck in place. Lomax tries to go in reverse, but A.G. holds the truck in place again. A.G. lets up for a minute and Lomax throws it in reverse, so A.G. drops to the ground. We see a shot from the A.G. cam of the underside of the truck, and then A.G. pops out the front and holds onto the front bumper. As Lomax tries to get going, the tires spin and then blow out. A.G. climbs onto the hood and punches through the windshield.

A waiter tells Lisa that no one from her party called, but asks her to stay anyway. He offers her a phone to call a friend. Why is he all in her business? Cut to an answering machine coming on -- it's Gerald's! Lisa leaves a message about how close he came to having dinner with her.

A.G. is having his hand bandaged by The Doc in the car. A.G. says that Lisa has been sitting there for over an hour, and asks The Doc to call and put her out of her pain. The Doc asks how A.G. knows Lisa is still there. A.G. says he knows her and that she would wait forever for him. The Doc calls and just says "Mmm hmm" a bunch of times and hangs up. A.G. asks why The Doc didn't leave a message, and The Doc says that Lisa already left. He reminds A.G. that Lisa wasn't waiting for him -- meaning that she doesn't know who he really is. It's raining and the piano is sad. At least The Doc didn't say that A.G. needs to overcome his fear of losing Lisa.

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