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Nothing To Fear, But Nothing To Fear

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Nothing To Fear, But Nothing To Fear

Roger is getting dressed for dinner. He reminds his wife not to order the escargot, because it will make her sick. This whole scene is completely pointless. His wife is off-screen, so we just hear her voice, and I swear to God it's Christine Baranski. (I later looked it up in the IMDB and I was right!) Have they ever shown Roger's wife? I guess I'll find out in the weeks to come. Anyway, the scene ends with Mrs. Roger accusing Roger of ogling their daughter's college roommate, and Roger kind of smiles, like "Aw, yeah." Am I supposed to like him? I find it hard to sympathize with a character who cops a feel from his daughter's friend, but maybe that's just me.

A bunch of people are line dancing. Why, God, why? A guy walks in, and I recognize him as the guy on Homicide who pushed Vincent D'Onofrio in front of a subway! Hey, that's actually clever casting. Anyway, Homicide Guy pays his entrance fee to this dance and takes a seat. He takes note of a pretty woman, who is dancing. An older guy comes up and introduces himself as Ward Lomax, and says he's in pharmaceutical research. Homicide Guy introduces himself as William Fox, and says he's in recreation and leisure property management. I'm guessing that means Lomax does a lot of drugs and Fox is a greenskeeper at a golf course. The two men discuss whether Fox should ask the pretty lady to dance. Fox says he can't because he's not a doctor or a lawyer. If he think this woman is that superficial, why does he care? Lomax asks if he can buy Fox a glass of punch (which definitely seem shady), and then tries to guess his weight. After finding out the weight, Lomax pulls a container out of his pocket, palms it, and dumps some into the punch bowl.

The doorbell rings, and Heather answers it without actually opening the door. The lawyer from the therapist's office is out there, and he asks for Lisa. Heather is hesitant to open the door for him, so he introduces himself as Gerald Misenbach and gives her his card. Heather pretends that her mom is actually home, but in the middle of a dinner party. Gerald turns around and notices the lack of cars around, which would suggest that no one is there. He tells Heather to ask Lisa to call him: "Some things have changed in my life. I'd really like to talk to her." Heather pretends that her mom is calling her, and that she has to go get more chips for the guests. Gerald expresses doubt that she is actually getting chips. Dude, she's a young girl home alone. Cut her some slack.

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