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Nothing To Fear, But Nothing To Fear

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Nothing To Fear, But Nothing To Fear

Lisa is sitting at a table with her date, and they mention that Roger and Ruth have been gone for some time. Lisa's date apologizes and says that he met someone between when he agreed to the date and now, but that he didn't want to ruin everyone's plans. Lisa says that it's okay, because she's happy just to meet new people and get out, and then she shows that she really is a good sport by asking him about the woman he met. Date Guy says that they met at the university where he teaches, and that she is on the young side -- actually, she's a student. Roger arrives just then and asks how things are going, and gives out too much information about his wife's stomach condition. Lisa tells Roger, "Richard's met someone." Roger notes that it's awkward, but Lisa says it's not. Richard says that it is awkward for him because the woman he met is only twenty. Dude! What are you, Michael Douglas? The writers fall back on the time-honored technique of "getting drunk to deal with a big shock" and have Roger order another drink. Richard tries to explain that he has met people before, but his fear (there it is again!) always got the better of him. He finally got the courage to ask this woman out. Lisa says, "So you had coffee?" and Richard gives out too much information by saying, "For three days." Roger gets his drink, drains it, and immediately orders another. There is nothing funnier than someone rapidly downing alcohol, is there?

Back at the singles dance, the pretty woman is surrounded by admirers while "Crazy" by Aerosmith plays. Fox is drinking some of the spiked punch, and Lomax is urging him to go ask the pretty woman to dance. Lomax keeps asking Fox what he's afraid of -- the other men? See, because the theme of this show is fear. I don't know if you got that yet. Fox drains his punch and walks over to the woman. Behind him, we see some people making out. Fox grabs the pretty woman and says, "We need to dance." The woman says, "We NEED to dance?" Fox grabs her and starts dancing with her. In the background, people are making out. I bet if this was on HBO, they would be getting naked. Oh, wait. A guy starts taking off his coat and tie while staring at a woman. She lets down her hair and then pulls the top of her dress down so she is standing there in her bra. They embrace and start kissing. Another guy looks around, and then makes off with the cash box. Lomax watches all this and laughs. That scene was pretty bizarre.

Heather is at the breakfast table. She throws a Cheerioâ„¢ in the air and catches it in her mouth, and then says "She shoots, she scores" and makes a noise like a crowd cheering. She really is the only reason I want to watch this show. Lisa reads the paper. Heather asks if she wants to talk, and continues, "I'm from the generation who loved Titanic, so you know there's nothing I like better than a good train-wreck story." I know Heather referred to a train wreck before, but wouldn't it have made more sense to say something about a boat hitting an iceberg? Lisa says, "Leonardo never showed. The whole night was nothing but Billy Zane." Wow, this show is so cutting-edge with the references to movies that came out two years ago. Heather tells Lisa about her "gentleman caller" and gives her Gerald's card and message. Lisa says that it took guts for Gerald to stop by. Heather says that if she admires Gerald's guts for just stopping by, then Lisa should go visit "what's-his-name." Lisa: "Mr. Newman?" Heather says, "Yeah, the hottie with the egg!" Lisa doesn't see why she should, and Heather says she could thank him because without him their house would be sold. Lisa isn't convinced, and says that people her age don't do that. Heather gets up to leave and says, "What are you afraid of, Mom?" See, because this episode is about fears. I don't know if I mentioned that earlier.

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