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Nothing To Fear, But Nothing To Fear

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Nothing To Fear, But Nothing To Fear

A.G. and The Doc are checking out a little corner pharmacy, thinking they've been sent to the wrong place. They go in anyway, and while they walk down an aisle, A.G. cracks, "After we find our terrorist, we can pick up some cough drops." He never quits, does he? The Doc asks for Ward Lomax, and Ward comes out. The Doc introduces himself as Dr. Theodore Lawrence, and says he works for the U.S. Government. Lomax is impressed because he knows of The Doc's work. They retire outdoors for some conversation. Lomax lights up a cigarette, and Doc observes that Lomax must not be a real doctor because anyone who knows about science wouldn't smoke. Is this part of that project I read about where the Government inserts anti-drug messages into television shows? Plus, The Doc wants to know if Lomax is afraid (there's that word again) of cancer. Lomax says he's not afraid of much. A.G. notices a mouse sitting on a cat's back, seemingly without fear. The Doc realizes what's going on -- Lomax makes his vaccine there, in the pharmacy with no government oversight. Lomax says he has no idea what The Doc is talking about, but then with a wink, he says it isn't about money for him because he answers to a higher calling. The Doc continues his theory by saying that Lomax is still working on the dosage and thus conducting human trials. He asks Lomax about the woman in Coney Island who died. Lomax says that casualties are inevitable in scientific progress. The Doc wonders why Lomax is doing this since he doesn't have manufacturing, distribution or sales. Lomax says he only needs those things to make money, but he wants to be ubiquitous, and gives the examples of iodine in salt or fluoride in water, and excuses himself. The Doc makes a call and says he wants Lomax "watched around the clock."

Lisa is sitting on the bathroom floor painting her nails. Heather comes in, and Lisa tells her about her date with A.G. and The Doc. Heather is very excited to learn that her mother went to their house, and asks if it was scary. Lisa says, "I fear nothing!" somewhat jokingly. I wonder if this episode has anything to do with fear. Email me and let me know.

A.G. is hanging by his feet and doing inverted sit-ups. Every time he comes down, he tells The Doc to "call her" and The Doc says, "No." Finally, A.G. says, "I'll be your best friend." The Doc says that A.G. already is his best friend, and he's his only friend, and that he's not calling and they're not discussing it. The phone rings, and it's a guy in one of those crazy "Toys B Fun" trucks, who is staking out Lomax. Truck Guy asks The Doc if Lomax has a second job in oil delivery, because he just pulled up in a tanker truck. We see a shot of the truck, and it's blue with "Environmental Purification" written on the side in white letters. The Doc says he'll be right there.

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