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ANY-way, Don comes over and says they need to find out where Brett and Josh were that night. Colby reminds them of Mark the Manager's threat. "Wait a second," Liz announces, "Logan lived in Brett's house, right? And that was his legal address and now he's the victim of a homicide?" "So we get a warrant to search his possessions," Colby finishes. "Yeah, that'll get you in the house, right? Good thinkin'," Don says, champing away at his gum. He wasn't chewing gum at Liz's house. Do you think he has a Pavlovian reaction with gum? Like, "Ooh, movement with the case! …Now, why am I craving Hubba Bubba?"

Daytime. Logan's house is semi-filled with subdued mourners. I'm sure they're mourning the lack of beer and loud music and pool time, not so much the tall entourage member whose name they couldn't remember except they know he hassled them when they initially tried to get into the house. As Colby and Liz enter the house and bounce down the stairs, Mark the Manager tells them they aren't allowed. Colby tells him they have a warrant. Mark the Manager has the gall to talk about them having no decency what with everything they're "going through," and looks over the warrant. No slouch, Mark realizes they can only search Logan's personal space, meaning the guest quarters alone.

Liz and Colby search with gloves on. Brett walks up the stairs and leans over Colby's area, noting, "This is so damned messed up." Colby comments perfunctorily, "I'm sorry for your loss, Brett," and keeps searching. Brett looks for sympathy by mentioning how he's got to deal with Logan's death on top of his brother dying four years ago. He sighs, "What the hell is going on?" Liz: "Where were you last night, Brett?" "I know you have to ask," Brett nods sagely, giving her a magnanimous pardon she wasn't seeking. Brett says he was at the house with Josh, but doesn't think there's any way to prove it because it was pretty quiet at Chez Entourage that night. "Of course now it's a circus again down there," Brett says pitifully, and adds Mark the Manager would go ballistic if he knew Brett was up there talking to them. He goes back downstairs. "Was any of that real?" Liz snarks. "Pretty good acting," Colby says, and then tells her to come over and look at something. "What? Do I really want to see?" Liz drawls. Um, isn't that your job, Special Agent? Colby found some huge data files being emailed to someone called "Love2love" at melrose-madam-dot-com. Liz assumes it was Tracy, and Colby agrees, but he's wondering what about the file made it so large.

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