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Bedouin (all in lowercase font, of course, because any use of uppercase is too establishment). Megan and David walk through a door propped open by a flimsy old Hefeweizen box. They flash their badges at the first flunky they see and ask for the Lee brothers. Without a word, the flunky walks off to not earn his SAG card. While they're waiting, Megan decides to analyze David and how he's treating Colby like a 1992 Clint Eastwood movie. David shakes his head and goes on about all the stuff he told and trusted Colby with on stakeouts. Well, Megan reasons, they were all fooled. After all, Colby was looking for an FBI mole, so he was really investigating all of them. David asks, "That doesn't bother you at all? Honestly?" Instead of answering and possibly explaining what she was actually doing at the DOJ last season, Megan allows herself to be distracted by a delivery flunky pushing stacked beer boxes on a dolly out the club's door. David looks around and muses that it's weird to be taking alcohol out of the bar instead of bringing it in. David then crouches by some boxes and pulls out DVDs, just as one of the Lee brothers comes down to meet Megan. David accusingly holds up some DVDs of a movie called Lost Hills, and Megan tells the Lee brother to put his hands behind his back. She starts to cuff him, but catches sight of someone in the balcony with a gun and yells, "GUN DAVID!" As the Lee brother runs away, she tumble-rolls and pulls out her gun to fire at the balcony. David fires at the Lee brother, who is now behind the bar with a gun. Megan gets a good shot off, and Balcony Man grabs his left shoulder-chest area and falls forward off the balcony to the ground. David reacts to the fall by defensively aiming his gun at the fallen body. When the body doesn't move, he yells at the Lee brother behind the bar, "Think about it -- unless you want to end up like your brother out here!" The Lee brother protests, "Okay! All right!" and puts his gun on the bar, his hands over his head. He slowly stands up.

Interrogation room at FBI. The unshot Lee brother slouches in a chair. David walks in and says they just got a call from the hospital about the shot Lee brother, but they won't tell him how his brother is until they get their answers. After impassively looking at photo of Dead Tracy and Logan, Lee says he doesn't know anything about Logan. Finally, the Lee brother says that the Melrose Madam's girls are always ending up in Hollywood houses, so they had a standing arrangement that any girl who could snag him an unreleased movie got five grand. Tracy got him ten to twelve movies in the last six months. "She was my big earner," the Lee brother says fondly. "Because she was sleeping with one of the guys," David snaps. "Because she had leverage," the Lee brother corrects him. Don and David stare at him. "I don't know -- maybe Brett Chandler was gay or something, she didn't tell me. But she had dirt of some kind and she knew how to use it."

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