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It looks like everyone outside of the situation room is likewise interested by Colby's arrival at his cubicle. Empty cubicle, to be precise. "You guys don't waste any time around here, huh?" Colby comments, indicating his cleared-off desk. I was sort of struck by how the use of "you guys" and "around here" made Colby sound as though he were already removing himself from the collective of the FBI. I don't for a minute believe that he's leaving for a new position, but I was interested at his detachment, given how long he actually spent being one of "you guys" "around there." Don says they were instructed to send his stuff to Quantico. "Yeah, I could've figured," Colby mutters. Megan brightly asks how Colby's feeling, because he looks so much better that he did only hours after his torture. Colby shrugs that there's no appearance of permanent damage -- ah, but what of your relationship with David? -- and that he's just supposed to "sit tight" there until he gets reassigned.

David gazes out of the window at the conversation he can't hear. Liz wonders if he's going to go say something. David doesn't know what there is to say. Just then, Charlie interrupts to say they have a match on the facial recognition. Liz stares at an image and says, "That's her…[reading] Andrea Barton." Another match from the L.A. County morgue pops up, identifying a body as a Jane Doe. "I guess that answers the question [of] whether the video was real or not," Liz comments.

A landlady walks Megan and David to an apartment, commenting, "I was wondering why I hadn't seen Andrea for awhile." She holds up a huge ring of keys to let them in to Andrea's apartment. They hear noise from inside the apartment, but the landlady confirms that Andrea lived alone. While Megan takes over struggling with the keys, David peers in the windows and sees someone inside. This is a murder investigation, and the person in the apartment could be connected to that murder; why aren't they going all FBI on the door and busting it in? That combined with Don's odd behavior about the actor made this episode much more restrained than I'm used to Numb3rs being. David learns there's a window out the back, and takes off. Running. He dashes through a swinging gate. Megan gets the door open and pulls her gun, telling the landlady to stand back. Her bangs hang over her sunglasses as she takes her first offensive stance in the apartment. Can she see adequately enough to enter an unfamiliar and potentially dangerous area? By this time, David's in a garage. He hears a door slam and a driveway gate begins sliding back. Tires squeal and a red Mini Cooper drives off, not heeding David's running or shouts of "FBI! GET OUT OF THE CAR!" The car zooms into the street and away from David. At the last second, the driver looks back at David. It's the dead girl. David gasps out to Megan who he just saw. This is where I theorized that the dead girl was yet another member of the entourage who was looking to fake her own death to escape a former life, and had a hacker friend rig up the morgue image.

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