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In the green light of the morgue, a sheet is pulled off Jane Doe's dead face. And this is where my theory died. Megan confirms that this is the girl David saw driving away. The coroner comments that the body's been there for three days, so…not so much. The body had been dumped in Runyon Canyon. David supposes she could have a sister, but Megan nixes this, having learned from the dead girl's mother in Tucson that Andrea was an only child. The coroner explains that he hasn't autopsied her yet, but he can give them some preliminary notes: the cause of death was drowning, but the bruising on the neck and shoulders indicates it wasn't accidental. Also, she's had breast augmentation, chin work, and liposuction. "Lipo!" David boggles. "She's barely a hundred pounds." Yes, but that's after the lipo, David. However, I love your commentary on the ridiculousness of size in Hollywood, since Andrea's mother said she moved out there to be an actress. Megan thinks it's time to rub shoulders with the famous Brett Chandler.

Pulling up behind a lot of flashy cars, Colby and Liz get out of the car, and Colby thanks Liz for letting him come along. "Seems like David wants nothing to do with me right now," Colby says sadly. "Aw, what do you expect? Come on -- you're a good guy, Colby, but you lied to him for two years," Liz reminds him. "I lied to you, too," Colby notes. Yes, but you and Liz didn't go on all those stakeouts that have meant so much to David. Liz says he only lied to her for six months, so she's not as invested in the relationship. She adds that she's not the one who teamed them up, anyway; Don was. "So you can keep an eye on me?" Colby demands. Liz tells him that out in the field, she's just like any other agent. "Right, except you're sleeping with the boss," Colby remarks. Calling him "Granger," Liz says she doesn't intend to report on him. Colby seems unconvinced. Getting the attention of some rather unattractive wannabefamouses, Colby introduces himself and Liz as "Agents Granger and Warner," and asks where Brett is. The Wannabefamouses are all, "Oooh, what agency? I'm desperate for love, money, and representation!" "FBI," Colby nods, and flashes a badge. Still completely clueless, the Wannabefamouses shove headshots at them and tell them about a showcase. Liz just says, "Yeah, where's Brett -- is he in here?" He is, so Colby just ignores the Wannabefamouses and walks inside. "Uh, what about my showcase?" one Wannabefamous pleads. "Yeah, wouldn't miss it," Liz says sarcastically. The Wannabefamouses bang fists triumphantly. Ah, Hollywood.

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