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At Dr. Nip/Tuck's office, the plastic surgeon -- who should have been played by the ever-awesome Dr. Kenchy from Jericho, since he was a plastic surgeon before the world went bad -- smarms that women have millions of reasons for plastic surgery, but he doesn't care about them because the whys aren't the reason he's now driving a Bentley. Too bad all plastic surgeons can't be like Bill Pullman in Singles. Handing over the morgue photo, David says they don't want to know about all of them, just one patient in particular. Dr. Nip/Tuck asks, "Who is it?" "She's your patient and you don't know who she is?" Megan asks. "No, I mean which one of the twins? Andrea or Tracy?" Dr. Nip/Tuck clarifies. Megan says Andrea Barton was an only child. "Well, so was Tracy Mead, but I cut them to be identical," Dr. Nip/Tuck says. Dun dun DUN!

FBI. Don holds up the morgue shot and the driver's license photo and notes that the two girls look exactly the same. David agrees and says they were already similar before the surgeries, adding that their bathtub victim is not Andrea, but Tracy. How did the mix-up occur? Well, neither of them have fingerprints in the system, and Andrea was the only one to get a new license since the surgeries, so when they ran facial analysis, hers was the only one to show up. So, how do they know which is which now? I mean, how do they know Andrea is the live one and not Tracy? Not explaining that, David moves on to the fact that neither twin paid for their surgeries because they were billed to Leslie Dennis. "The Melrose Madam?" Liz wonders, and at Don and David's looks of duh, laughs, "Oh, come on -- you guys don't ever browse the trashy gossip websites?" Hey, is that a Defamer shout-out? But they're not really trashy, so maybe it's TMZ or Perez Hilton. Liz explains that the Melrose Madam was recently in trouble for tax evasion tied to running an escort service. Acting libidinally challenged, Don asks why the Madam would pay to have the two girls look alike, so David waxes knowledgeable about how "some guys" have twin fantasies. I'm not sure if I'm charmed that Don is acting so naïve about the ways of men's fantasies, or worried about his brain cells. Don sends David off to talk to the Madam, and Andrea to find out what Brett knows of either girl.

Don leaves the break room, and Colby walks in. David barely looks at him. Colby goes on about how David hasn't given him a chance to thank him for all the life-saving he did. "Goes with the job," David says, trying very hard to act nonchalant. Colby tries to cajole him out of "all this weirdness." "What do you mean?" David asks. "Two years of not knowing who your best friend really is? What's weird about that?" Colby wanted to tell David he was working undercover, but he couldn't. David gets that, doesn't he? "Yeah, man, I get it, and I respect it," David says, walking out with false unconcern. "Gotta get to work." Colby broods a bit. I think. Could be his usual expression. Or his Cro-Magnon brow.

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