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Saving Agent Granger
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Sporting a nice new haircut, Don sits in front of a LCD screen and watches the Colby interrogation over and over and over again. He rewinds to the point where David came in -- eyes ablaze with the tears that didn't fall -- yelling that Colby wasn't a "damn spy," he was a traitor. Don rewinds again.

We zip over to a dank pool hall populated by lots of bald tuffs and their molls. We quick-cut between beer bottles, boobs, baldies, and balls until a door bursts open -- letting in all that harsh light of day -- showing David, his vest on, his gun drawn, and his mouth screaming. His team of machine guns follows. The music kicks up so we don't hear what David's saying, we just see the angry gaping hole of his mouth and note that he's adding another bald head to the room. He shoves a photo in front of a cuffed guy's face and demands, "Do you know this man?!" over and over. We cut back to the same shots of David, looking around, silently yelling. He moves down the line of cuffed bald men in their clean wifebeaters, shoving the picture at them and demanding responses. One guy yells, "FUCK!" but without sound. Another guy gives lip and David slams his head on the pool table and bellows, "I will put cases on every one of you! EVERY ONE OF YOU!"

Back to Don, frowning, obsessing over the Colby interrogation. Watching Colby's eyes as David calls him a traitor. He sees something but he doesn't know what he sees. He doesn't know what he missed. Two more keystrokes and the headphones go on to hear what he missed. He can't hear what he missed. What sort of Pond's, Neutrogena, or Aveeno regimen is Don using? Because his pores look FANTASTIC.

From one Eppes to another we go -- to Charlie's classroom where he's talking about a game of chicken and the Nash equilibrium and game theory and nuclear war. What in the holy hell happened to Charlie this summer? His hair is…worse than usual, he's unshaven, his clothes are unbelievably slovenly, and he's teaching like that? You'd think he's the one who got betrayed by a colleague, yet Don's the one with a spruce new haircut, a very close shave, and noted fabulous pores. Charlie's 'fro, while not the dire greasy pubes of the past, is instead a shaggy place on which a few pigeons have set out a welcome mat. Amita leans gently in the doorway and listens to Charlie tell his students about how math can "illuminate the human condition" and some day possibly "define what lives deepest within our hearts." "Oh, excuse me while I barf!" the Evil Dr. Mathra snorts. "Those are the kinds of dumb-ass 'math' speeches that encourage my non-mathematical friends to come up to me in a bar and say, 'Why don't you figure out a mathematical formula to explain why she won't date me.'" Charlie turns back to his board and says, "Tomorrow, however, we're going to return to parameters -- specifically partition congruences."

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