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Saving Agent Granger

The speedboat pulls alongside a larger boat, and C&C Convict Factory climb aboard. I hope they asked the captain for permission to come aboard first. In a common area, Val Kilmer sits waiting for them, looking like a fat fly. Gone are the chiseled ridges of the Iceman -- Kilmer is clearly biting more than just air these days. Still sitting, Kilmer awkwardly puts out his hand, shakes Colby's, and tells him to take a seat. "Do you think he's too fat to stand up, so he's just going to Brando this whole scene?" the Evil Dr. Mathra wonders. "'The horror! The horror!'" There's a video camera set up, which never bodes well. Colby sits. Kilmer asks Colby, "Do you know who I am?" Batman! Colby squints a no: "Should I?" "Well, that's a question I need answered, Agent Granger," Kilmer says pleasantly. Torturers are always so pleasant, and it's always so effectively creepy. Colby corrects him that he's not an "agent" any more. "Well, Mike Kirkland says differently," Kilmer says pleasantly. Colby eyes are wide and impassive. In the background, Carter duhs, "Am I missing something?" Kilmer tells him he's been missing it for two years, and explains that Colby is a triple agent who has been feeding them bad intel and spying on the FBI. A flunky grabs the gun out of Colby's waistband, and Kilmer asks for the cell phone. He even says "please." Colby hands it over, resigned. Kilmer sits back down and asks how long Colby was planning on "playing" it: "All the way to China?" "If I had to," Colby shrugs calmly.

Back at the FBI, Don interrogates the ranking guard of the prison transport and tries to get him to admit to knowledge of Mike Kirkland, as well as complicity in helping C&C Convict Factory escape. The ranking guard, Riley, holds firm even when Don tells him Kirkland is dead and other lives are in danger. Outside the interrogation room, Don admits that the guard can keep a secret. "Or he has no idea what we're talking about," David devil's-advocates. Megan points out that either way, it's not going to help them find Colby. After noodling it around some more, they figure out that since Carter has been trying to get back to China, that's where C&C Convict Factory is now headed. I haven't seen the Jeans of Justice this episode -- it looks like Don's been more formally attired in grey slacks. Tight grey slacks.

In his office, Charlie plays with a stainless steel multi-torus that looks like another Bathsheba Grossman piece. He muses over the idea of developing a "projective analysis" of C&C trying to get to China. "Not Colby, just Carter," David corrects him. "Everyone agrees on who he is -- what his motivations are." Alan -- who is just randomly there -- thinks that makes sense, and asks if there's a mathematical term for "removing the clutter." "Yeah, we call it 'removing the clutter,'" Charlie says dryly, and then gazes at the shiny Metatrino, muttering something about "developing some expressions." He goes into a mathspaz and we get mathverts of lit matches. He leaps up and leaves his office. Left with David, Alan seeks to be fatherly and asks how he's doing. David, grabbing his jacket, says he's just trying to treat it like any other case. Alan doesn't see how he can: "I mean, it's you and Colby." David won't meet Alan's Father Beam as he collects his folders and says, "That's the thing about friends -- sometimes they turn on you." Alan notes, "Yeah, that's the big test, isn't it?" David finally looks at him. "How do you deal with that really close friend who lets you down," Alan finishes sagely. "Mr. Eppes, he did not just forget to pick me up from the airport. He sold out his country." Alan begins, "I don't want to get all 1960s on you --" Oh, why not? You do it every week! "But I've heard that accusation tossed around a lot in my lifetime. The truth is, it's never that simple," Alan finishes. David walks to the door and pulls it open. But Alan hasn't finished lecturing. He tells David he might owe it to himself and Colby to understand why Colby did what he did before David closes the book on him. David stares back at Alan, clears his expression to one of bland unconcern, and walks out.

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