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Saving Agent Granger
Finally, finally, FINALLY there's some action to save Colby. Boats, copters, and lots of people with guns. Big guns. Shooty guns. Shoot, guns, shoot! But before we get to that, Lancer keeps asking Colby the big questions: "Do they know my name?" Man, he's got serious delusions of grandeur here. "Your name, your dog's name, your grandmother's name, everybody knows everything," Colby babbles sarcastically. Lancer gets up and announces that the last syringe is potassium chloride. Carter sneaks another twitchy look at Carter, judging whether or not this is another burning-Humvee situation. "The finisher in a lethal injection cocktail. If I can't know what you know, then it's really best for me that no one else does," Lancer explains. "What it comes down to is, do you want to spend the last hours in unholy pain just so that you can die?" Colby's tough, he can handle it. Carter finally jumps in and tells Colby that the secrets aren't worth it when no one is going to care about them six months from now. Colby grits, "I really wish somebody else had pulled me outta that fire." "Why?" Carter duhs. "'Cuz I hate owing you," Colby retorts. Carter looks down, a very dumb look on his Bobby Flay face.

Finally the FBI has caught up with the boat, and alarms go off everywhere. The FBI megaphones who they are and how everyone just needs to stand the fuck down. A Los Angeles Port Police zodiac boat disgorges personnel onto the Chinese boat. And the guns start shooting. Don and Megan are both there and shooting. Colby rolls his eyes in pain, and Lancer calmly loads up the syringe. And there's David with the shooting as well! Carter looks over at Lancer and demands, "What are you doin'?!" "What I said I would," Lancer says, and plugs Colby's chest with the syringe. The shot freezes as Colby winces. Carter whips out his gun and blows Lancer away from his buddy. Lancer's man blasts a fatal shot at Carter, and Don advances with a gun and takes out Lancer's man. Colby is unconscious, maybe dead, in the chair. In a succession of stop-cuts, David and Don assess the situation, and David beelines for Colby, looking fearful. He yanks out the syringe and identifies the drug. "Man, that stuff will stop his heart, cold!" Don reminds us breathlessly, channeling Dr. Fleischman. "The plunger wasn't fully deployed but he's not breathing," David says, and smacks Colby across the face. I think he's been wanting to do that for a long time. Don calls a medic while David continues to abuse Colby in the interest of saving his life. In the next scene, David has Colby on the floor (NOT LIKE THAT, GOD!) and is pumping his chest, yelling at him to wake up. Don takes Carter's pulse and walks over to David, commenting, "Colby just keeps owing this guy." What a weirdly inappropriate time to make that comment. I mean, it's not like Colby hadn't already reminded us fifty billion times about that debt in this episode alone! "Yeah, if he lives," David says as he sweats hard and continues to work Colby's chest. Megan arrives to report that they have control of the ship, but cuts off when she sees Colby: "Ah, damn!" Don yells for the medic. David yells at Colby, "WAKE UP! STAY WITH ME!" Don yells at Colby also. Fade to black.

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