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Kevin calls to see if they can postpone Date Night so he can go on a pre-date with Eddie to a Mets game. Jackie lightly asks to say hi to Eddie, and Kevin giggles and drinks beer while a seriously creepy conversation goes down. Jackie's like, "Don't you fucking dare, don't do this, quit romancing my husband, you're so scary," and Eddie grins and acts like she's being a battleaxe -- "Don't worry, I won't keep him out late. I know tonight's a special one for you! Promise, no beers!" -- and you can feel like the grains of her entire life slipping maybe through her hands. She's so in control of totally everything in the universe that you can just feel the fingernail-chalkboard sound of this going through her head. It's sort of terrifying just to think about being Jackie for this moment. Usually, it's just sad and gross and kind of awesome, but for a second you really buy the horror.

Jackie mixes up a few batches of pot cookies -- not brownies? -- loads 'em into some Tupperware, and takes them to Lymphoma Guy. He's like, "A nurse that bakes!" It's sweet. She hooks him up with Lenny's dealer, who has been made aware of the situation, and takes the cookies over to his fridge, which he hasn't used in a good long time. While he watches the very Mets game where her life may or may not be falling apart, Jackie cleans out his fridge for him. We take care of people.

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