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"You Hear Those Lows?"

They send Kevin off to get a pitcher of beer, and she's like, "The fuck?" Apparently, he never agreed to stop seeing her husband. "Why, Eddie?" She's actually confused, at this point, because it's so monstrous. "You lie to me again, I tell him everything," Eddie says, snapping back into creepy again. So it's war. Kevin comes back and she kisses him, hard, and they get back to it. Everybody's brittle and scary, except Kevin, who -- except for the fact that he gets something out of this marriage that neither we, nor he, understands yet -- is a total sweetheart. The temperature changes, and they go back to the game. Jackie stands between them, feeling like the ball.

Jackie wraps her daughter's arm in bandages, having brought them home as a special treat. "You know this is pretend, right?" Of course Fiona does. She asks how long she can keep the cast on, hopefully past her birthday, and as she's finishing up Jackie asks if Fi's seriously into this. "This is gonna harden up, and you're gonna be stuck with it for a little bit." You'll find yourself drinking a pitcher of beer with it, watching your house of cards shiver in the breeze, and wonder if it was ever worth the effort of putting bandages on something that didn't need healing. Fiona gets it. "Nothing's really broken," she says. Jackie knows that. And Jackie knows better, too.

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Nurse Jackie




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