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"You Hear Those Lows?"

Back home from "work," Jackie smells the smell of Kevin cooking and apologizes for forgetting to pick up some movies they were planning on watching. She offers to run out again for them, but he's such a good husband and she spends so much time on her feet at work that he tells her to just chill. Rather than leaving, again, some more. There's a tiny edge of resentment when he tells her to "just stay here." He calls the girls in while Jackie gets a guilty little text -- "miss u, eddie" -- and Grace is wearing some tween clothing, a big shirt over leggings, that spells imminent body issue disaster. She wants a Coke, she cannot have a Coke, Jackie thanks her for asking so politely, Grace could give a shit about Jackie's opinions, etiquette or otherwise.

Fiona comes running in, and Horrible Kaitlyn fully trips her. Just sticks out her big mean leg and sends Fiona flying. She's a bitch to the point that it is amazing. Fiona screams and Kaitlyn mentions that the Peyton kitchen stinks, and acts horrible some more. Meanwhile, Fiona's wishing she had a broken arm so she could wear a cast, because that's exactly the sort of thing Fiona loves most. Kaitlyn pronounces this retarded, and Jackie's a little shocked at how brazenly horrible she is. They discuss juice choices, Fiona also would like a coke, and out of nowhere fuckin' Kaitlyn is like, "Hey, do you still wear diapers?" Alone in the kitchen with her, Jackie leans down sweetly: "Kaitlyn, honey? Listen to me. Shut the fuck up." So awesome.

Down in the basement, the Easter box is all empty of drugs, which makes Jackie sigh kind of sadly. Up on the couch, Jackie stares hatefully at Kaitlyn, and Kevin watches her hate the evil child for a bit, and then tells her to lighten up. Which, considering Horrible Kaitlyn's horrible mom would be sound advice, except Kaitlyn is still awful on an epic level, and frankly, none of the Flinns should be involved in our lives ever. I get that Kevin wants Grace to have like one friend -- and keeping the Flinns around as a constant reminder of Jackie's jealousy is a smart move too, if this is a war -- but you can't let your kids dictate who comes into your home. You're the grownup. Maybe Grace wouldn't be so awful if she didn't hang around with monsters like Kaitlyn Flinn. (Just kidding, it wouldn't matter.)

"Do you know what happened to my Joni Mitchell albums?" Jackie asks, apropos of nothing, although it does tell us that once she liked good music. Kaitlyn nearly flicks Fiona in the back of the head, looks up at Jackie -- whose eyes are bugging out with hatred and danger -- and then, hilariously, pets her hair like a dog instead. Fiona is just as disgusted by this as she would have been with the flick, and it's excellent.

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Nurse Jackie




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