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Don't Even Think About Changing Her

She doesn't even know why. He's just on the list.

Probably the best thing about Bridesmaids, for me personally, was the point it stressed about how all your problems are not the same problem. When you're feeling weak or exposed or when you're on the run, it can seem like that. Like your rival's wedding present is better than yours and your boyfriend is a dickhead and your brake light is broken and you treated a nice guy poorly and your business failed and you're all alone, and that's the story of you.

But the movie says no, stop being ridiculous. Fix your brake light. Then the next thing.

I'm not sure where this paralysis sets in, like, what kind of intelligent design is it that puts you into this position where the more you need to move, to change, to get out, the more likely it is that you will be depressed and handcuffed and broken. I guess it makes about as much sense as addiction.

I have realized that, though I've always believed that since Jackie Peyton was the hardest to love out of the Showtime Ladies With Problems, she was also the most important one to love. But you know what, she's hardened out of Funny Righteous Addict and just into Desperate Ugly Addict. It's more realistic, of course, but after three seasons of lateral movement it's not exactly a pretty picture to consider.

Dexter's never going to get caught, either.

It's not necessary to "root" for a protagonist, necessarily -- although people seem to find it harder when the antihero is a woman -- but even recognizing that you still have to consider whether you're even having fun anymore. Knowing that she'll continue to become more and more a caricature of this sort of ball-busting Hothead Paisan fantasy figure; knowing that the universe will never let her down.

If you consider this as a relationship we've been having with a particularly important-to-us addict, then, it becomes clear that just like in real life, she's got the system gamed for a reason: That's what keeps her alive. The smarter you are, the crazier you get to be, because the world doesn't give you the firm smack you need. It's a failing of the show, but it's also what keeps functioning addicts functioning; it's a great reason to remove yourself from the situation altogether, so you're not a moving part in their machinery. But what got left out, this season, is any believable reason that any of these people would give a shit about her at this point. It's gotten so claustrophobic, and not in a real way.

Made even weirder by the leaps and jumps in Gloria's character, where suddenly at the point where Jackie's the most cartoonish and antagonistic, she's more respectful and friendly than she's been this whole time. Maybe that's part of the character but I don't even think it's intentional. It's hard to say much about this show really exhibiting signs of intent.

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