Nurse Jackie
Deaf, Blind, Tumor, Pee-Test

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Don't Even Think About Changing Her


Though Coop makes a good case for it, Eddie does not accompany him on his cheesy carriage ride; he takes off alone, which is probably best. Coop could use a little Coop time. Eddie, conversely, exists in an ongoing state of a little too much Coop time.

Then Eddie changes his mind, and they ride off together. Coop thinks about loneliness. Sometimes there is so much kindness in the world that it is blinding, if you can see it. If you're lucky enough to see it in the dark.


Gloria: "Anything you want to tell me?"

No ma'am. Jackie takes her cup to the bathroom, while Zoey and Sam attempt to give a shit about Coop and chow down on some cake. That's when Kevin appears in the ER.

Zoey, mouth full of cake, welcomes Kevin to All Saints with her usual mix of cringing and grimacing and ceremony. She jerks Sam to his feet so that he too can marvel at the Man Who Married Her, while the kids stare and think about their mother's secret life here, and fall in love with Zoey just like anybody would.

Eleanor spots him and the girls, in Admissions, and runs to find Jackie -- Gloria's supervising her piss test -- and all three of them feel weird about life.

Jackie: "What do I do? Tell me what to do?"

They stare at each other in the mirror, terrified; Zoey comes in screaming incomprehensibly about Grace and Fiona and how beautiful they are and they stare at her until she leaves.

Eleanor drags Jackie by the hand into a closed trauma bed, where a woman is getting Last Rites. Thor, thinking fast, explains that Eleanor is the woman's daughter.

Eleanor: "She's a hundred."

Thor corrects himself; they bow their heads. There's a sense of urgency that I'm not sure I understand. Kevin, maybe, but he's got the girls in tow. I don't really understand why Jackie, much less Eleanor, are climbing the walls at this time.

Gloria stomps down the hall with Jackie's urine in hand, while Jackie and Eleanor make plans over the dying lady. Eleanor offers to distract the girls until they find out why Kevin's been calling all day -- does Jackie have like a sense of foreboding about this? Is that why there's so much crazy flying around?

I guess since Eddie told her that Kevin's onto them -- which clearly he isn't, and it's been over anyway for like two whole seasons, and that's such a huge knot to unravel considering he's Kevin's friend and Kevin got him the job at the hospital that it couldn't really work that way no matter how you look at it -- Jackie's probably just staving off whatever the inevitable conflict is.

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Nurse Jackie




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