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Don't Even Think About Changing Her

Except that Jackie doesn't know this is the season finale, or that Kevin and Gloria are being forced into position to give us this sense of urgency in the middle of the night for reasons purely of plot, or that there's going to be a cliffhanger, or anything like that.

I am not calling the show out on this one, though, because I honestly believe there's something I'm not getting this time. Last year it was the intervention, and you could see the noose pulling tight; the year before that she was fucking over everybody at once and eventually OD'd or whatever, with the rats. I mean, nothing came of it, but it felt organic at least.

This year, it just seems like another version of that trick the show's been pulling for awhile where if they tell us enough times that we're on the edge of our seats, our asses themselves will scoot forward, as if by magic.

Jackie acknowledges that Kevin's probably right about whatever he's going to yell at her about, and that more than likely she's about to be fired, and finally that she envies the dead lady; Eleanor fairly laughs and tells her to man up.


Eleanor dotes on the young ladies and Jackie takes Kevin away with Fiona's warning that she's going to be pissed about the fire, and Grace's soulfully mature admission that yes, Jackie is going to lose it. She's so cute now I can barely remember hating her.

Eleanor: "Absolutely no homework allowed! Follow me, and we shall go and look at broken things."

She's always at her best with the girls, isn't she? And not in that playing-against-expectations way the show so enjoys: Her relationship with them is easy, natural, delightful and absolutely in character. A little brightness.

Jackie: "You brought the girls? Really?"

There's something deserved and respectful about this. Even though the showdown seems to be mostly in her head, Kevin clearly has some shit on his mind and so it's a combination of what's known and not-known that she says this and he's like, "Yes, it's awkward, but we're out of time and there was nobody to take the girls. What was I supposed to do?"

Jackie: "You're the dad, you're supposed to hold it in."

And so there you have it. Just naked admission that she's going to use him until he's used up. I'm glad they're having the talk. They walk past the nurses' station; they are offered wedding cake. I don't think it would taste too sweet, today.

They take the elevator down, to the basement, where this kind of stuff always happens.

Kevin swears it's the hardest thing he's ever done, whatever it is that he is doing -- which, the number one way to piss me off is to do the "we need to talk" thing and then let it ride, that's such a fucking power play -- but that the girls are going crazy and they need to address their whatever-this-is, their marriage, immediately.

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