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The good news is, Grace is in therapy, where she belongs all day every day. The bad news is, the lady's got her doing a dream journal which, unicornish cover aside, you know has got to be the biggest piece of literary snuff since the Revelation of Saint John. Bunnies and kittens spontaneously combusting, saints stabbing each other all to hell, mommies getting electrocuted, the whole thing.


Therapist: "Wait until you hear this shit, guys."
Grace: "Basically, I can control the weather. I think bad things, and then they happen."
Kevin: "For real? Like, Into The Cornfield-type stuff?"
Grace: "No, just in theory. Not so much that it happens as that it might."
Jackie: "So, nothing is actually happening that affects me? You're just nuts? Honey, she's just nuts."
Grace: "Yeah but like the degree."

Therapist: "She needs to be on drugs. Uncrazy-making drugs. All of them."
Grace: "Better living through chemistry."
Therapist: "The great thing about Xanax is that she can use it whenever she wants. This totally addictive drug, she can just pop a pill whenever she feels like it. Doesn't that sound like a great fucking idea?"
Jackie: "As a huge drug addict, I see the attraction. But I can't help thinking this is all about me."
Grace: "For once, you are totally right."

Therapist: "Where there's smoke, there's fire. Any particular reason why your daughter might be going even more insane than baseline?"
Kevin: "Certainly not that I can think of. Although I should mention that, just like every episode this whole season, I'm going to be disappearing for large amounts of time with zero explanation."
Jackie: "I am detoxing right now -- through no conscious or dignified action of my own -- so mostly what I can think about today is itching."
Grace: "Honestly, the fact that I eat my own hair bald sort of makes me a trooper when you consider these mothers."


Jackie: "Eddie, can you fill this Xanax Rx for my insane daughter?"
Eddie: "No, but I can't tell you why. Is everything okay?"
Jackie: "Itching."
Eddie: "Do you think Grace understands the ramifications of drug use?"
Jackie: "I think Grace pretty much defines the 'ramifications of drug use.'"
Eddie: "You feel pretty shitty about this, yes?"
Jackie: "I had no idea my worst nightmare involved somebody else in pain. I kind of thought it was a world with no drugs in it for me to take. But no, this is worse."

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Nurse Jackie




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