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Jackie: "How humiliating."
Gloria: "I know. Your reputation means everything. Both as a strong woman and nurse, and as a big lying drug addict who relies on your reputation."
Jackie: "No, I mean it's humiliating how little the execs seem to care about basic storytelling at this point in the game, and just let their writers do whatever they want without basic fact-checking the narrative follow-through from episode to episode. Usually this happens because they've got other series in development, but maybe this time they're just tired. Sometimes it almost feels like they have it out for the viewer."
Gloria: "This is why I stopped watching Weeds sometime in the last decade. But no, in my experience it's mainly male showrunners who do that, because they get off on the power of delegation. More than likely, this is a case of the EPs micromanaging the parts of the process they like best, and feel like they're focusing on making each episode the best it can be. Either way, there's nobody left who has any narrative accountability for the season as a whole. Your basic trees v. forest issue that is the scourge of all management."
Jackie: "Maybe. Mostly it pisses me off because we're all such terrific actors."

Things get real, and it's quite satisfying: Essentially Gloria is covering for her because she doesn't want them coming after her or her department, but knows damn well this whole thing started even before Eddie got fired and that it's Jackie who is the problem. She tries to spread blame around -- Sam's always talking about addiction; Kelly is an unknown quantity -- but Gloria's in a pretty understandable position and trying to get everybody out alive. Jackie respects this, but asks that Gloria keep quiet about it. Which, of course, she will. Jackie suddenly intuits who's to blame, and gets a righteous smile on her face, and takes off to wreak some vengeance, and Gloria just kind of sighs and lets her go.

Jackie yells at everybody for awhile; continues to itch.


Patient Two: "I got beat up for bothering people about the Madagascar lemur, because anybody with a clipboard deserves what they get."
Zoey: "I sort of have a crush on you or something, except not really. This is that episode where Lenny and I consider our relationship from various angles. A fresh new take."

Jackie, in Eleanor's face: "You told everybody I was a huge drug addict!"
Eleanor: "Stop it. Right now. We are at work."
Jackie: "ITCHING."
Eleanor: "Seriously, you are crossing it."

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