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Jackie, back on Team Cats & Dogs: "It's just so humiliating. All of a sudden I can't dispense meds. Everybody knows what that means."
Eleanor, of course: "So stick with me, I'll administer anything I prescribe. Meanwhile let's figure out who went to HR and [quote] burn their playhouse down, yes?"

So I guess that this is coming off the Kelly thing before? Where he went to HR of his own volition and told them he handed the patches off to a guy or something. That's the only time HR has come up. So now you got HR poking around, and Gloria's only step is to do this to Jackie. I still don't get how Jackie's name came into it, unless that was just Gloria being sensible and HR still has no idea... But that's double-sucky in the long run, if that's true, because what if the drug thefts stop now?

Zoey: "Are you guys still fighting?"
Both of them, adorably: "You betcha. Very much so."
Zoey, whispering: "We need your help with a patient. Dr. Cooper... Is useless..."

The terrible concept of Coop knowing anything about this; Jackie's sudden realization that Eddie knew before she did and couldn't fill Grace's Xanax. News of this, if not the ramifications quite yet, horrify Eleanor almost as much as the rat-attack from earlier.

There's something here about admission, like, while a problem is always a problem, life is easier until you admit the problem. Grace was stuck in a cage with a clearly marked exit, until she asked for the drugs. Jackie always knew that Eleanor had the capacity of "finding out," bringing her to ground, which made her a sort of comforting wall she'd never really brush up against, but always technically could. Somebody to pull the chute.

But it turns out Rock Bottom is a moving target, and to find out that Eleanor (and Gloria) are and have been actively covering for her... Is that worse, do you think, than the intervention itself? In some ways it feels like Eleanor herself just got hit by a truck, because we can't rely on her -- Eleanor, who knows Jackie better than any person on earth including Kevin -- to ever betray her to the angels. It's sweet and sour. Mostly bitter.


Dylan, adorably: "Hey, Dad! Look what I did!"
Dad, also adorably: Kisses his son's forehead, tickled.

He asks what goes on in the mind of an eleven-year-old. It's all Jackie wants to know right now.


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