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Coop: "Thanks for being my friend!"


Sam: "Getting stuck with an epi. That must be a rush."

Jackie takes a break from drinking entire bottles of pills and Robitussin long enough to boss everybody around all over the place, but mostly I guess so she can try and kill the mean racist dad with another epi pen. She's like the Greg House of bad decisions: Just sitting there being generally unhappy, and then somebody says or does something and she snaps her fingers and runs out of the room to do or say the thing they just did.

Jackie: "I did a bad thing and I need your help."
Eleanor: "How bad?"
Jackie: "I stuck [Patient Two] with an epi. He thought it was another Novocain."
Eleanor: "As a private citizen I'm delighted. As a medical professional I'm absolutely appalled. Well done, and shame on you."

It's like the show knows that the complete lack of consequences or basic continuity makes this all an empty exercise; it's like the show is laughing at us. Daring you to give a shit what happens to any of these people. Nurse Jackie, the rat that keeps tapping the same crack cocaine button over and over with zero effects or forward momentum: Renewed. United States Of Tara, the only Showtime Ladies With Problems show that even shows acquaintance with basic storytelling: Cancelled.


Eleanor offers Jackie some champagne to celebrate them nearly killing that guy for no reason, but Jackie finally admits that she's been acting edgy -- like how could they tell -- because she's been off drugs for 37 hours, and apparently going with it. Sort of late in the day to explain that, but then it's not really an explanation. It's not like she would never take a drug that might let her lose control, but I guess she wants to make the point right in Eleanor's face. She leaves Eleanor to drink alone and heads out into the street because she is a crazy person.

But first she calls Tunie to take the girls for the night and lies that she's taking a double, then explains to Eddie that she's not really taking a double shift -- she just wants a night without Kevin and the girls, so she can go crazy.

Problem: "For the record, I'm clean for a week... I miss the rush, Eddie. I really miss it."
Solution: Walking down the middle of the street, surrounded by traffic, with an insane look on her face.

Local Person In A Car: "What are you, fuckin' nuts?"
Jackie: "Bet your ass I am!"

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Nurse Jackie




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