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The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living

"Zoey. Just go to your locker and put on your happy monkey scrubs, please. Truly. Nutterman is going to come out of this thing, I promise. So just go." Zoey rolls her chair over and says she never wants to administer meds again. "You fall off the horse, you get back on," Jackie says, taking off her finger splint as Zoey complains that she nearly killed him. "Okay, keep that to yourself." Zoey wants to tell him the truth, even if he never wakes up, and Jackie gets very intense for a moment: "You know what, Zoey? Clearing your conscience is not going to make him feel better. It's going to make you feel better. You feel like you're doing the right thing, but you're not. It's selfish." You can see how she got there, certainly, and in some cases -- even this case, maybe -- she's right. But she's not talking to Zoey. "Honesty is the best policy," Zoey singsongs, and Jackie assures her that it is not. She takes off, telling Zoey to stay put. Gloria is now sitting around on the elevator floor, playing with an invisible thread, making her skirt hem dance. It's pretty weird.

Kevin unloads about Jackie's night shifts, and Eddie tries to be sympathetic about that, but Kevin is too in love. "You know what she does? She asks me what I want for breakfast, no matter how fucking tired she is. Rubs my back, makes me eggs." Eddie grins sadly: "Life of Riley." Kevin says he hasn't heard that expression in a long time, and Eddie nods: "Yeah well, hang around me, you'll hear all sorts of shit." They toast, and Eddie drinks, looking terrifying. Today, it doesn't matter what we do.

While dealing with the hernia guy, Coop informs Mo-Mo that he deserves more than an open relationship. Although, of course, he's a mess with this stuff. The guy on the table stares up at them as they compare woes: how Coop is so messed up right now it's embarrassing, and Mo-Mo is all "I keep thinking, if he knew how much it hurt," and Coop takes a look at the guy's intestine and he jokes, "My ex used to bitch that I never talked. Look at me now. I'm spilling my guts here!"

Mo-Mo offers to call her, and Coop says maybe he'll get sympathy for his injury, because that's what Coop is thinking about today, but the guy says that's blood from a stone. He looks up at Mo-Mo and tells him to make the guy jealous. "What kinda guys does he like?" Straight ones. The guy shrugs, but Coop smiles: "Give me your phone. Trust me."

Eddie ignores Jackie's call again, this time with a little bitter smile. How bad is this going to get? Eddie and Kevin do a shot of Jack together. They're making friends on the Titanic. Kevin pulls out the ring to show his new friend, and Eddie swallows. "It's the ring I could never afford to give her. Still can't, but what the fuck, right?" They talk about surprises, and love, and the surprises Jackie's getting tonight. They do another shot. The cage is getting smaller and smaller, and she doesn't even know it yet. She's spilling her guts, here: what was meant to stay hidden is forcing its way out again.

Jackie's coming down the chapel hall when Gloria's finally released. "Not prompt," she grunts administratively to the elevator guy, who probably just showed up a second ago, and fixed it. Thor and Jackie bond over how much they hate the Pill-O-Matic, and Jackie swears that she hates it more than he does. She would win that bet.

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