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Georgia will not be riding Eddie's motorcycle if he drinks, so he's not allowed to join in the scotch-drinking; he wants a "coke and a smoke," but she doesn't like making out with smokers either. "No one's got a gun to your head," Jackie smarts off without even hearing herself, and Eleanor rushes into the breach, asking how they met. Of course, they were introduced by Eddie's friend Coop, a name Kevin in turn recognizes, so Eleanor immediately jumps up and starts waving her arms around about something very vague and very important that they have to do. "Kev, it's been delightful as always..." Jackie runs to accompany her while Eddie fools around with the cigarette machine, and Kevin gives Jackie quarters for their friend with a goodbye kiss. "Take your cigs, take your girl, get the fuck out of my bar." He thanks her with a huge smile, and heads back to the bar.

Harvey sits on his chair from Admitting, right outside the curtain, staring at the camera, refusing to move. Refusing to let it end, just yet. But we're getting there.

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Nurse Jackie




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