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Outside All Saints, Eleanor pulls her phone from an enormous Grimace-colored purse, what you call aubergine though my spellcheck would have you believe aborigine, and ignores another Sarah call. Jackie asks if they're okay, and this is the answer: "Not really? And not now. It's not that I'm unwilling to discuss it, but just not here." Jackie's entire philosophy in one handy denial speech. Eleanor asks, breezily enough that you know it's a biggie, if she can come to Queens and drink scotch with Jackie and Kevin. "And a plate of those little... Monkey bits?" She means buffalo wings, which Jackie awesomely already knows. "Yeah. Fucking appalling!" Of course she can. And now that Kevin has learned to hate Eleanor twice as much with Sarah it stands to reason that he will hate Eleanor with no Sarah only half as much as usual.

They walk past Coop, who's sitting outside having coffee with his adorable-if-pointy friend Georgia, whom you might recognize from the short-lived American version of Life On Mars, where she was named Rose Tyler for a crazy reason we don't need to go into but is totally brain-bending. What Georgia is doing currently is laughing at Coop, because of last week when he grabbed Libby Sussman's breast and she died. (Yep, still funny.) Georgia confirms for us that this has long been a coping strategy/legitimate disorder for Coop, citing a time in high school when they were surprised by "what's-her-face's mom ... in her ratty old robe with a cup of coffee," and Georgia had to keep restraining him from going for the boob. I like this girl already.

Coop tries to hook Georgia up with an unnamed gent, described as follows: "A little bit older, smart, likes all that indie crap you like... Public radio... Might go to plays, I'm not sure. Really cool." He gets paged for a GSW and heads inside, but only after she learns that this person is Coop's "total opposite," at which point she accepts the setup. Which is girl talk for "I really like you," but A) Coop is oblivious to everything and B) Coop is fucked up enough that he would never date a normal person like Georgia, because she's neither a celebrity nor a woman ten years or more his senior: She doesn't intimidate him, so there's no attraction. He would never grab her breast accidentally, so it wouldn't occur to him to grab it on purpose, which is the story of Coop and Women.

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